NMA 18
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Semi-finals 24 January 2016
31 January 2016
Final February 2016
Presenter(s) Klemen Slakonja (Semi Finals and Final)
Branko Čakarmiš (Audition Round)
Broadcaster [1]
Entries 22
Winner TBA
Eurovision Heart

NMA 18 is the third edition of the Slovenian National Selection NMA that selects Slovenia's entry for the


For the first time, RTV SLO and POP TV organised an mega event with 22 entries. The first 6 entries had to compete in an "Audition Round". Four Jury Members (Regina, Tomi Meglič, Daniela EuroSong and Ana Klašnja) voted for the three best entries. The winner of the audition is Pre Qualified for the Grand Final. While the 2nd and 3rd place must go through the Semi Finals against 7 known artists and their songs. Eight Entries from the Semi Finals, 1 Pre-Qualified Audition Winner and a Pre-Qualified Foreign Act are competing in the Grand Final.

Semi Final 1

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Jan Plestenjak "Stara Dobra" 5-8 TBA
02 Maria Masle "Mi Hombre (Baby Boy)" 1-4 TBA
03 Katja M "A se spomnis" 1-4 TBA
04 Anja Bas "Nimas Kej" 5-8 TBA
05 Alya "Dober Dan" 1-4 TBA
06 Manouche "Granata" 5-8 TBA
07 Eva Boto "A si sanjal me" 1-4 TBA
08 Torul "Difficult to kill" 5-8 TBA