Naiara Ruz Expósito was born on March 19, 1982 in Pamplona.

Since then she has not stopped. Dancer, teacher and school support our singer already has a well-deserved path: 2nd in Songwriters Government Meetings 1999, 1st in 2000 Boulevard Jazz for singers recording their first album, "Caja de música". For her the day she recorded the single Adelante which also included happened (audio that can be found in the multimedia section) was one of the most important of her life. She has been lucky, as his management company is getin, company that has such important artists like Alex Ubago, Duncan Dhu, La Oreja de Van Gogh, M-Clan, Iván Ferreiro and The Dream of Morpheus and others. With a commercial single, Adelante he begins to awaken interest in the music industry. Sony Music has released her first single. Forward the letter has come from the hands of Xavier Sanmartin, well known to fans of La Oreja as one of the composers of the group and a member; Play the keyboard and makes the choruses of La Oreja de Van Gogh, a real artist.

Naiara Ruz has a degree in Psychology. Study Spanish and contemporary dance at the School of Dance of the Government of Navarra. Meanwhile, it is preparing the recording of the model of JA TA JA group Flemish exponent of a fused renovated. In this formation she plays guitar her brother, one of her teachers. One thing we are sure, Naiara go far and awaits.