Nashata Pesen 02
Semi-finals 16,20 December 2014
Final 28-TBA December 2014
Presenter(s) Andrea
Alek Sandar
Broadcaster BNT
Entries 20
System 100% International Jury
Winner Nikoi
Nashata Pesen
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Nashata Pesen 2 is the second edition of the Bulgarian music competition that selected Bulgaria's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 12.


There will be 20 songs battling for one place in NVSC 12. 10 countries in each semi final where the top 5 will go to the final for a final of 10 songs. International Juries will vote for their favorite songs and the song with the most points will represent Bulgaria in North Vision Song Contest 12.

Semi Final 1

Semi Final 1 victors were selected by an international jury and televoting!

Draw Artist Song Points Place
01 Liana Ox Ox (Oh oh) 06 75
02 Mihaela Fileva I az sum tuk (And I'm here) 02 112
03 Cvetelina Grahich Iskam te pak (I want you back) 10 57
04 Nora It's not right 05 77
05 Revolyutsiya Z Mozem da budesh vsichko (We can awake all) 03 92
06 Grafa Nikoi (No One) 01 127
07 Nells and Dany Levan Shans za lyubovta (Chance for love) 04 90
08 Rene Ranev Alone 07 65
09 Magi and Miro Svetat e moi (The world is mine) 08 64
10 Simona Sivanio Eternal 09 58

Semi Final 2

The victors of Semi Final 2 were selected from a Bulgarian jury of Vessy Boneva, Slavi Trifonov, Poli Genova, Maria Ilieva and Bogomil

Draw Artist Song Points Place
01 Deep Zone ft. Avenue Byagstvo (Escape) X X
02 Marija Dragneva Kato na sun (Like a sun) Q Q
03 Ladytron Destroy everything you see X X
04 Galena Body Language Q Q
05 Ani Hoang Tazi Nosht X X
06 Mariana Popova and Orlin Goranov Can you hear me? X X
07 Aksinia New Cinderella Q Q
08 Preslava Ludata Doyde (Crazy) X X
09 Dess and Nana Cotton Candy Q Q
10 Inna Voronova Ti ne moi (You're not mine) Q Q


The Final will be selected by an international jury!

Draw Artist Song Points Place
01 Galena "Body Language" 56 10
02 Nells and Danny Levan "Shans za Lyubotva" 93 05
03 Dess and Nana "Cotton Candy" 58 09
04 Revolyutsia Z "Mozem da ludesh Vsichko" (We can awake all) 97 04
05 Inna Voronova "Ti ne moi" 114 02
06 Nora "It's not Right" 81 08
07 Mihaela Fileva "I az sum tuk" 107 03
08 Aksinia "New Cinderella" 88 06
09 Marija Dragneva "Kato na sun" 82 07
10 Grafa "Nikoi" 165 01

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