Never Sol
Never Sol
Background information
Birth name Sára Vondrášková
Origin Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation(s) Singer

Never Sol (less known Sára Vondrášková) is a young Czech singer and composer based in Prague.

Early life

Writing her first songs in the age of 15 mostly for herself and studying music for 8 years at the conservatory, the important moment came around 2011, when she started to play her songs constantly at one of the most vibrant Bohemian venues in Prague at Café V Lese. Focused on piano and voice she shared the stages with friends and musicians, becoming more confident about her own artistic approach and vision.

Musical career

After her first concerts producer Jan P. Muchow got in contact with her and the two years long composing process of her debut album, Under Quiet began. To give her songs a frame Sára Vondrášková created the rather abstract pseudonym Never Sol. The piano has always been central in her music writing, but in the past years she was more and more gaining knowledge in using music production software. Creating sounds turned out to be another starting point to evolve her music and to get rid of the patterns and techniques taught in her classical education. Sára Vondrášková is a regular guest singer with Czech musician and Denovali artist FLOEX. Touring and performing with Floex is an essential influence for her.


When the country confirmed participation, a few days later it was known that 9 countries would be competing in the Pre-qualification round. In these countries was Czech Republic too, because it had finished at the lowest 10 places at the previous edition. Never Sol, with the song "Lay Down", was selected internally again (after Lucie Vondráčková), to represent the country in Serajevo for the eighth NVSC. The PQR is about to start on 30 April.



  • Under Quiet