Nika Zorjan
Background information
Birth name Nika Zorjan
Born (1992-12-03) December 3, 1992 (age 25)
Origin Murska Sobota, Slovenia
Occupation(s) Vocalist 

Nika Zorjan (born on 3 December 1992 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia) is a Slovenian singer.

Early life

Nika was born into a musical family, back in 1992. Which influenced her desire in performing and singing at a young age. From an early age, Nika was involved in major events with her father's group 'New Legion'. 

In her academic years, Nika has trained in choirs and multiple different musical groups. She enrolled into a music school in Murska Sobota. 


2010: Slovenia's Got Talent

In 2010, Nika decided to enter Slovenia's Got Talent, aiming to show her capabilities to her country. Her audition was successful and qualified by earning a 'yes' from all judges. Although she didn't make the semi-finals, Nika believes that everything happens for a reason, and was motivated to improve her talent. 

2012: Misija Evrovizija

In 2012, Nika returned to national television when auditions for Misija Evrovizija were being casted by RTV SLO. Nika being recognised for her previous work, was seen as one of the 'most hopeful' candidates for going far in the show. Nika managed to get to the final of the show, with "Cas Za Nas" and managed a respectable 3rd place. Despite not winning "Cas Za Nas" became one of the biggest Slovene hits in 2012.  

Misija judge, RAAY took interest in Nika and wanted to help her widen her skills. With his help her singles "Problemom Sredinc" and "Nasmeh Zivljenja" were produced shortly after, and both are directed by KARO media.



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