Background information
Birth name Vladimirs Koževņikovs
Born 1995 (age 19)
Genres Pop, Dance-pop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, songwritter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2013–present
Labels deeselecta

Niko (stylized as NIKO) is a Latvian singer.


He has been doing ballroom dance ever since he was 5. He became a professional dancer at the age of 16 and then fulfilling his mother's wishes, he became a singer too. He entered various talent shows but all of them couldn't bring him to the spotlight sadly. Later in Ukraine he entered a talent show, which he won and he catched the eyes of the Ukranian artist, Ani Lorak,actress Natalie Andrejčenko and Konstantin Meladze. Since then he got famous because of his participation at Dziesma 2013, with his song One which gained him international fame. Since then he relased a summer hit, Walk on Fire and his other song, Here I Am Again. His latest song is Climb The Sky. But his very first song was, Hello Lyubov! which he sung in Russian.

In North Vision Song Contest

Ever since Latvia held it's first true selection, he has been participating mostly. He always reached the final with his songs and got into the Top 5 placings. He won the Latvian selection for North Vision Song Contest 5 but at that time, he couldn't participate because the lack of music video. He tried again with Here I Am Again, but he couldn't win the joint selection of Latvia and Estonia. But the waiting wasn't that long, as he participated again in the 8th edition of Latvijas Dziesma Festival and he won the selection with his new song, Climb The Sky.

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