Nikolina Kovač is a Bosnia and Herzegovinan singer from Sarajevo.


I was born in Sarajevo on 15.12.1990. Since childhood, my preferences are facing the music. I finished elementary school Aleksa Santic in East Sarajevo, namely the Vojkovicima. At the same time I attended the elementary school of music, in solo singing, in parallel with piano lessons. In addition to working on developing her talent for music my free time are filled and sports activities.

After finishing elementary school, I enrolled in high school general direction, also in East Sarajevo, and of course continue with private lessons of singing Macromedia. Radmila Bakočević.

Currently I am a second year student of Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Journalism, with which simultaneously build my musical career ...

My first success in the world of music are related to festivals where I won first prize, such as: Djeca pjevaju hitove“, “Iskra znanja“, “Festival u Maglaju” and “Prvi aplauz“…

The biggest challenge and prekratnica in my career is participation in the series "Zvezde Granda" and I hope that I will after a certain period, thanks to you, fail to drop out of the new pages of your musical biography.

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