Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix
Genre Song contest
Created by Daniel Lengfeld
Presented by Various
Country of origin Faroe Islands
Original language(s) Danish
Location(s) Various
Running time Various
Production company(s) Various
Original run 28 January 2014 – present
Related shows North Vision Song Contest
Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix (also known as Nordisk MGP) is an annual music competition organised by the Nordic and Baltic countries of the North Broadcasting Union.

The maximum amount of participants is ten (all of the Nordic and Baltic countries accepted by the NBU):

and the non-NBU member:


Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix was created by the Faroese broadcaster KVF in June 2014 to promote the North Vision Song Contest to viewers in all the Nordic countries and to give newcomers a chance to become known and get a record deal.

Selection and voting process

Each of the broadcasters that are participating have to send one song by an unknown artist or a group. Each country will have to hold a pure televoting in which the voter's favourite will get 10 points, the second-placed country 6 points, the third-placed country 4 points and the fourth-placed country 2 points. The possible rest amount of countries will be awarded 0 points.


Artists of any genre are welcomed to participate for each of the participating countries. According to the rules, the artists should not be well-known to ensure that their win helps them to establish their music career and to prevent unfair voting.


All songs can be performed in the official native language of each country or in English. They can be of any length. There is no rule saying that artists have to add vocals to their song. Pure instrumental songs are also allowed.


The winner of each edition will get to host the following edition of the Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix. The venues are selected by the countries' official broadcasters. Due to the low number of maximum participants, the contest does not have any Semi-finals.

Edition City Venue Capacity Host(s) Entries
#01 Flag of Faroe Islands Tórshavn Tórsvøllur 2000 Eivør Pálsdóttir and Brandur Enni 6
#02 Flag of Sweden Uppsala Metallåtervinning Arena 2800 Ulrika Jonsson 6
#03 Flag of Denmark Aalborg Aalborghallen 3000 Ulla Essendrop 6
#04 Flag of Faroe Islands Tórshavn Tórsvøllur 2000 Rannvá Joensen 6
#05 Flag of Finland Kerava Kerava Jäähalli 1500 Riitta Väisänen 8
#06 Flag of Faroe Islands Vágur Vesturi á Eiðinum Stadium 3000 Rannvá Joensen 8


Edition Country Artist Song Language Transl. Points
NMGP #01 Flag of Sweden Sweden Violet Days "Razorheart" English 44
NMGP #02 Flag of Denmark Denmark Ida Gard "Need A Break" English 38
NMGP #03 Flag of Norway Norway Kate Havnevik "Falling" English 42
NMGP #04 Flag of Finland Finland Eva & Manu "Cinnamon Hearts" English 36
NMGP #05 Flag of Norway Norway ARIA "Maze" English 48
NMGP #06 Flag of Greenland Greenland Nina "Maalia" Danish 50