NorthFest 20
NorthFest20 Logo
Logo of the NS.

1: July 2 2016

2: July 11 2016
Second chance July 19 2016
Final July 21 2016
Venue Minsk Arena
Presenter(s) Leila Ismailava
Broadcaster BTRC
Entries 10
System Televoting (SF & SCD)
Jury & Televoting (Final)
Winner "Nad Atlanticheskim"
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NorthFest 20 was the first edition of the Belarusian music event that selected Belarus' entry for the North Vision Song Contest 20. The selection consisted of two semifinals, a Second Chance Duel, and a Grand Final


A total of 10 entries will take part. First there will be 2 semi-finals with 5 participants in each. Where: The 1st and 2nd places Qualifies to the final, the 3rd places goes to the Second Chance Duel, and the remaining 4th and 5th places Gets eliminated. Then comes the 2nd Chance Duel, which will be decided by a poll. The winner qualifies for the final, while the loser gets eliminated. This makes a final with 5 participants. The winner get to represent Belarus at the upcoming Northvision Song Contest.

Competing songs

Sorted in order of announced date.

# Artist(s) Song Translation Flag of None
1 Nuteki feat. Legalize "Mama ne ubivay" My mother did not kill Flag of BelarusFlag of Russia
2 ByCity "Kiss Me" - Flag of Belarus
3 Sweet Brains "Dance Like Zombies" - Flag of Belarus
4 Alexander Rybak "Kotik" Cat Flag of BelarusFlag of Norway
5 Ivan "Krest i ladon" Cross and hand Flag of Belarus
6 Katya Volkova "Nad Atlanticheskim" Over the Atlantic Flag of Belarus
7 IOWA "140" 140 km Flag of Belarus
8 Bianka feat. Potap & Nastya "Stil Sobachki" Doggie Style Flag of BelarusFlag of Ukraine
9 Litesound "Razdet tebya" Undress you Flag of Belarus
10 The EM "Turn Around" - Flag of Belarus


Semifinal 1

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 ByCity "Kiss Me" 2 190
2 Ivan "Krest i ladon" 4 156
3 Katya Volkova "Nad Atlanticheskim" 1 250
4 Litesound "Razdet tebya" 5 123
5 Nuteki feat. Legalize "Mama ne ubivay" 3 160

Semifinal 2

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Sweet Brains "Dance Like Zombies" 5 100
2 IOWA "140" 1 160
3 Bianka feat. Potap & Nastya "Stil Sobachki" 2 125
4 The EM "Turn Around" 4 102
5 Alexander Rybak "Kotik" 3 114

Second Chance Duel

Draw Artist Song Place Percent
1 Nuteki feat. Legalize "Mama ne ubivay" 3 30%
1 Alexander Rybak "Kotik" 1 70%

Grand Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Alexander Rybak "Kotik" 5 64
2 Katya Volkova "Nad Atlanticheskim" 1 136
3 ByCity "Kiss Me" 4 88
4 IOWA "140" 2 108
5 Bianka feat. Potap & Nastya "Stil Sobachki" 3 85


Grand Final Result (Video and Votinggrids)

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