NorthFest 21
NorthFest21 Logo
Logo of the NS.
Final 20 October 2016
Venue Minsk Arena
Presenter(s) Leila Ismailava
Broadcaster BTRC
Entries 10
System Televoting
Winner "Moy mal'chik"
◄ 20 Eurovision Heart 22 ►

NorthFest 21 was the second edition of the Belarusian music event that selected Belarus' entry for the North Vision Song Contest 21. The selection consisted of one big Grand Final


A total of 10 entries will take part. All the 10 acts will compete against eachother in one Grand Final. Where the winner will represent Belarus at the North Vision Song Contest 21.

Competing songs

9 Belarusian acts and 1 Ukrainian foreign act took part. Sorted in order of announced date.

# Artist(s) Song Translation Flag of None
1 Natalia Podolskaya & Vladimir Presnyakov "Ya vso pomnyu" I remember everything Flag of BelarusFlag of Russia
2 Pasha Lyubchenko "Ya s toboy" I'm with you Flag of Belarus
3 Jule Kravitz "Time Stands Still" - Flag of Belarus
4 Maimuna "Game of Light" - Flag of Belarus
5 Bit Artery "Sadness" - Flag of Belarus
6 J:MORS "Solyaris" Solaris Flag of Belarus
7 Rostany "Daisy Chain" - Flag of Belarus
8 Polina Smolova "Gde-to tam..." Somewhere... Flag of Belarus
9 Indira "moy mal'chik" my boy Flag of Ukraine
10 Maks Korzh "Bessonitsa" Insomnia Flag of Belarus

Grand Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 J:MORS "Solyaris" 9 100
2 Jule Kravitz "Time Stands Still" 6 163
3 Polina Smolova "Gde-to tam..." 10 91
4 Maimuna "Game of Light" 3 215
5 Rostany "Daisy Chain" 7 154
6 Pasha Lyubchenko "Ya s toboy" 8 128
7 Indira "moy mal'chik" 1 254
8 Bit Artery "Sadness" 4 183
9 Maks Korzh "Bessonitsa" 5 178
10 Natalia Podolskaya & Vladimir Presnyakov "Ya vso pomnyu" 2 216


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