The official logo for the NorthSong.

The NorthSong is the greek national selection for the North Vision Song Contest which determines the greek participant for the North Vision Song Contest.

The contest is being held in a city from Greece. ERT (prv.NERIT) promotes songs sung in greek, but songs in other languages aren't declined anyway.


The voting is based on 50% Televoting and 50% jury voting.


Edition City Host 2nd Host Green-Room-Host Fan-Block-Host
#01 Flag of Greece Athens Stella Kalli Melina Aslanidoy Mairy Synatsaki Maria Kozakou
#02 Flag of Greece Athens Maria Backodimoy Fotis Sergoulopoulos Evangelia Aravani
#03 Flag of Greece Athens Matthildi Maggira Betty Maggira Mairy Synatsaki
#04 Flag of Greece Athens Demy Elisavet Spanou Shaya
#05 Flag of Greece Athens Despina Vandi Giorgos Kapoutzidis Melina Aslanidou
#06 Flag of Greece Athens Doukissa Nomikoy N/A Athena Manoukian
#07 Flag of Greece Athens Giorgos Kapoutzidis Elisavet Spanou
#08 Flag of Greece Athens Doukissa Nomikou Shaya
#09 Flag of Greece Athens Manto Gasteratou
#10 Flag of Greece Athens
#11 Flag of Greece Athens
#12 Flag of Greece Athens


So far, most of the winners have been in the Greek language. However, the second,third and seventh winners were songs in the English language. The third,fifth,sixth,seventh,eighth, ninth and tenth winners are amongst the non-qualifications of the country. "Anemos Agapis" currently holds the record for the best-placed winner of the selection.

Edition Language Artist Song Place Points
Greek Eleni Foureira "Anemos Agapis" 5 158
English Playmen ft. Demy "Nothing Better" 14 87
English Thomai Apergi "Keep Your Head Up High" 11 59
Greek Freaky Fortune "Gi Kai Ouranos" 8 147
Greek Katerina Lioliou "Itan Ligo" 13 58
Greek Tamta "Den Ime O,ti Nomizeis" 19 36
English Shaya "Sunshine" 11 68
Greek Malou "Tous Eipes Pos" 13 54
Greek Amaryllis "Gyrisa Selida" 14 38
Greek Malou "Des Me" 3 65
Greek Marina Satti "Mantissa" Withdrew
English Marietta Fafouti "Living for the Night"

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