NorthSong 2
Final 2 June 2014
Venue Olympic Stadium
Presenter(s) Maria Backodimou
Fotis Sergoulopoulos
Broadcaster Nerit hd
Entries 15
System 50% Juries / 50% Televoting
Winner Flag of Greece "Nothing Better"
◄ 01 Eurovision Heart 03 ►

The second NorthSong was held in Athens. 15 songs entered the competition to get a ticket for NVSC #09.Winner was declared Playmen feat. Demy with their song "Nothing Better" with 214 points!


On 27 of May, NERIT confirmed that the selection procedure will remain the same like in the first edition.



# Singer Song Place Points
01 Flag of Greece Beetkraft feat. Reckless Cristi and Rukus "Player" 14 85
02 Flag of Greece Slick Beats "Just Do Me Right" 10 123
03 Flag of Greece Flag of Brazil Malou "Mia Fora Sto Toso" 05 178
04 Flag of Greece Sakis Rouvas "Emena Thes" 09 127
05 Flag of Greece Flag of Belgium Flag of Cyprus Annet Artani "Alive" 08 127
06 Flag of Greece Vegas "Pedio Machis" 02 195
07 Flag of Greece Playmen feat. Demy "Nothing Better" 01 214
08 Flag of Greece Giorgos Tsalikis feat. REC "Pairno Tin Efthini" 11 120
09 Flag of Greece Panos Kalidis "Echo Giorti" 13 111
10 Flag of Greece Flag of Denmark Shaya "Watch Out" 07 163
11 Flag of Greece OtherView "O Giros Tou Kosmou" 04 178
12 Flag of Greece Nikos Ganos "Poso Akoma" 03 181
13 Flag of Greece Dionisis Schinas "Omorfeneis Tin Zoe Moy" 12 113
14 Flag of Greece Flag of United Kingdom Jessie Malakouti "My Viagra" 15 77
15 Flag of Greece Arete Cosmidoy "So Cruel" 06 167

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