NorthSong 5
Final 29 November 2014
Venue Olympic Stadium
Presenter(s) Despina Vandi
Giorgos Kapoutzidis
Broadcaster Nerit hd
Entries 5
System 50% Juries / 50% Televoting
Winner Flag of Greece "Itan Ligo"
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The fifth NorthSong was held in Athens. Five songs entered the competition to get a ticket for NVSC #12. On the 19th of December the winner was declared!It was "Itan Ligo" sang by Katerina Lioliou winning with 2008 points. The margin between 1st and 2nd was 281 points.


On November 16, NERIT confirmed that the selection procedure will remain the same like in the fourth edition.

Despina Vandi NorthSong5

Despina Vandi hosting NorthSong 5 in Athens.



# Singer Song Place Points
01 Flag of Greece Katerina Lioliou "Itan Ligo" 01 2008
02 Flag of Greece Flag of Sweden Helena Paparizou "Mesimeria" 04 1554
03 Flag of Greece Demy "Rodino Oneiro" 03 1669
04 Flag of Greece Flag of Cyprus James Sky feat. Eleftheria Eleftheriou "Oso Kai Na Thes" 02 1727
05 Flag of Greece Melisses "Oi Symmathites" 05 1543
Katerina Lioliou on stage

Katerina Lioliou performing her NVSC entry "Itan Ligo (Ήταν Λίγο)".

Helene papar

Helena Paparizou performing her NVSC entry "Mesimeria (Μεσημέρια)".

Screenshot 2

Demy during her press conferance to "Mad Tv Greece".


Melisses during the press conference for their NVSC entry "Oi Symmathites (Οι Συμμαθητές)".

Ele elle

Eleftheria Eleftheriou performing her NVSC entry "Oso Kai Na Thes (Όσο Και Να Θες)".


Demy performing her NVSC entry "Rodino Oneiro (Ρόδινο Όνειρο)".

Dem eleftheria

Demy & Eleftheria Eleftheriou to the NorthSong after party.