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NorthSong 6
Final 8 February 2015
Venue Olympic Stadium
Presenter(s) Doukissa Nomikoy
Broadcaster Ert1 ert2
Entries 9
System 50% Juries / 50% Televoting
Winner Flag of Greece Flag of Georgia "Den Ime O,ti Nomizeis"
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The sixth NorthSong was held in Athens. Nine songs entered the competition to get a ticket for NVSC #13.


On February 1, NERIT announced that a new format will come to pick this edition's entrant.9 songs will compete letting only one winner.The results were supposed to be announced on November 7,although there were another presentation this day,so the submissions were extended from 7 to November 15.

Songs presentation

ERT announced the dates of the songs presentation on 17 October 2015. The six songs of the selection would be presented two by two during the following ten days; the first two acts were revealed on 17 October 2015 and the last on 19 October 2015.

# Date Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of None
1 February 1,2015 Dj Pitsi ft. Josephine "Turn off The Lights" Flag of Greece
2 February 1,2015 AKRIVI "The Light"
3 February 1,2015 Ifigeneia "Gia Sena" (For you)
4 February 1,2015 Thanos Petrelis ft. Christina Miliou "Pes Mou" (Tell me)
5 February 1,2015 Angelika Dusk "Love On Your Own Terms"
6 February 1,2015 Paola Foka "Eho Mia Zoi" (I have a life)
7 February 1,2015 Tamta "Den Ime O,ti Nomizeis" (I'm not what you think I am) Flag of Greece Flag of Georgia
8 February 1,2015 Stefany "Explode" Flag of Greece Flag of Romania
9 February 1,2015 Eleni Foureira "Na Taxidepsoume Mazi" (Let's travel together) Flag of Greece Flag of Albania


The songs and the paritcipants were announed 1st of February, while the National Final took place on the 8th of February as well.


# Singer Song Place Points
01 Flag of Greece Dj Pitsi ft Josephine "Turn Off The Lights" 7 86
02 Flag of Greece Akrivi "The Light" 9 62
03 Flag of Greece Flag of Georgia Tamta "Den Ime O,ti Nomizeis" 1 136
04 Flag of Greece Ifigeneia "Gia Sena" 4 128
05 Flag of Greece Thanos Petrelis ft. Christina Miliou "Pes Mou" 3 136
06 Flag of Greece Angelika Dusk "Love On Your Own Terms" 5 126
07 Flag of Greece Paola Foka "Eho Mia Zoi" 6 124
08 Flag of Greece Flag of Romania Stefany "Explode" 8 78
09 Flag of Greece Flag of Albania Eleni Foureira "Na Taxidespoume Mazi" 2 136

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