NorthSong 8
Final 19 October 2015
Venue Olympic Stadium
Presenter(s) Doukissa Nomikoy
Broadcaster Ert1 ert2
Entries 6
System 50% Juries / 50% Televoting
Winner Flag of Greece Flag of Brazil "Tous Eipes Pos"
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The eighth NorthSong was held in Athens. Six songs entered the competition to get a ticket for NVSC #17.


On October 17, ERT announced that a new format will come to pick this edition's entrant.6 songs will compete letting only one winner.The results were supposed to be announced on November 7,although there were another presentation this day,so the submissions were extended from 7 to November 15.

Songs presentation

ERT announced the dates of the songs presentation on 17 October 2015. The six songs of the selection would be presented two by two during the following ten days; the first two acts were revealed on 17 October 2015 and the last on 19 October 2015.

# Date Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of None
1 October 17,2015 Tzefi-Sophia "Kinima EL.LA.D.A" (Movement GR.EC.E.E.) Flag of Greece
2 October 18,2015 Nicole Saravakou "Se Prokalo" (I Challenge You)
3 October 18,2015 Boys & Noise "Take Me Back"
4 October 19,2015 Demy "Emeis" (We)
5 October 19,2015 OtherView "In The Club (Bi**h)"
6 October 17,2015 Malou "Tous Eipes Pos" (You Told Them That) Flag of Greece Flag of Brazil


The songs and the paritcipants were announed from 17 until 19 October, while the National Final took place on the 19th of October as well.


# Singer Song Place Points
01 Flag of Greece OtherView "In The Club (Bi**h)" 4 166
02 Flag of Greece Tzefi-Sophia "KINIMA EL.LA.D.A." 6 102
03 Flag of Greece Boys & Noise "Take Me Back" 5 122
04 Flag of Greece Flag of Brazil Malou "Tous Eipes Pos" 1 232
05 Flag of Greece Demy "Emeis" 2 226
06 Flag of Greece Nicole Saravakou "Se Prokalo" 3 196

Voting and results

In both rounds, all the countries were able to vote, including the countries that withdrew from the respective edition of the contest as well as the associate members.


Countries Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, San Marino, South Korea, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom 23

12 points

The twelve points and the highest points that were given in the final.

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points (final)
8 "Tous Eipes Pos" Andorra,Denmark,Lithuania,Malta,Moldova,Monaco,New Zealand,San Marino
7 "Emeis" Armenia,Azerbaijan,China,GR Juries,Norway,Russia,South Korea
4 "Se Prokalo" Bosnia and Herzegovina,CY Televoting,Kazakhstan,Latvia
"In The Club (Bi**h)" Bulgaria,Georgia,GR Televoting,United Kingdom
3 "Kinima EL.LA.D.A." CY Juries,Italy,Sweden,
1 "Take Me Back" Ukraine