North Vision Song Contest 24
NVSC 24 logo
Semi-final 1 date 27 January 2018
Semi-final 2 date 3 February 2018
Final date February 2018
Venue Allianz Stadion
Vienna, Austria
Presenter(s) Ramona Rotstich
Kati Bellowitsch
Broadcaster ORF
Opening act TBA
Interval act TBA
Entries 47
Debuting None
Returning Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Withdrawing Algeria Algeria
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
System Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting
Null points TBA
Winner TBA
North Vision Song Contest
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North Vision Song Contest 24, often referred to as NVSC 24, will be the twenty-fourth edition of the North Vision Song Contest. The contest will be hosted in Vienna, Austria, after Mynth won with their song "Mirrors" in the previous edition. The show will be hosted by former contestant Ramona Rotstich and Kati Bellowitsch.

Bidding phase


Semi-final allocation draw

The draw to determine the allocation of the participating countries into their respective semi-finals took place at Wiener Messe on 17 December 2017, hosted by Andi Knoll and Arabella Kiesbauer. The first part of the draw determined in which semi-final the Big Six would have to vote. The second part of the draw decided in which half of the respective semi-finals each country would perform, with the exact running order determined by the producers of the show at a later date. Twenty and twenty-one countries will participate in the semi-finals, respectively. From each semi-final, ten countries will join the "Big 6" in the final, where a total of twenty-six countries will participate.

The thirty-six semi-finalists were allocated into six pots, based on their geographical place and cultural similarities. Drawing from different pots helps in reducing the chance of so-called neighbour voting and increasing suspense in the semi-finals. Each time a country was drawn from the pot, its semi-final and half of the semi-final was determined.

The six pots were the following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6

Participating countries

Forty-seven countries have confirmed their particpation.

Returning artists

Irina Rimes was selected to compete for Moldova for the second time, after representing the country four editions earlier, whilst Freia was chosen to participate for Romania after also last participating in the twentieth edition. Maya Berović returned to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina having participated for the country in the sixteenth edition, whilst Colonia returned to represent Croatia after representing them in the thirteenth edition. Elena Risteska returned for FYR Macedonia after participating in the fourteenth edition along with Lambe Alabakovski, Paloma Faith last participated for the United Kingdom fourteen editions earlier and Tóth Andi under her new stage name, Andee who represented Hungary in the previous edition.


Semi-final 1

Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom will also vote in this semi-final.

Country Artist Song Selection Process
First half
Flag of Georgia Georgia Giorgi Chikovani feat. Spacejam "You're Going Down" Internal Selection
Flag of Greece Greece Marietta Fafouti "Living for the Night" National Selection
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Nelly Makdessy "Kunt Atmanna" National Selection
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Damian Lynn "Mom Told Me" Internal Selection
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Moniqué "Aš viena" National Selection
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg GEZZA "Fall in Love" Internal Selection
Flag of Moldova Moldova Irina Rimes "Ce s-a întâmplat cu noi" National Selection
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Ksenia Knezević "Ti samo budi dovoljno daleko" Internal Selection
Flag of Norway Norway Sigrid "Strangers" National Selection
Flag of Poland Poland Natalia Nykiel "Total Błękit" National Selection
Second half
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna" National Selection
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Emma Smetana feat. Jordan Haj "No Fire" Internal Selection
Flag of Finland Finland Vilma Alina feat. Jon-Jon "Syliin" National Selection
Flag of France France Léa Paci "Adolescente pirate" National Selection
Flag of Hungary Hungary Andee "Shouldn't" National Selection
Flag of Latvia Latvia Franco Franco "By The Lake" Internal Selection
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Elena Risteska "Tequila & Lemon" Internal Selection
Flag of Portugal Portugal Xinobi "Far Away Place" Internal Selection
Flag of San Marino San Marino Roshelle "Body Adi" National Selection
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Raiven "Povej" Internal Selection
Flag of Turkey Turkey Melis Kar "Al Dudağımdan Kiss" National Selection

Semi-final 2

Austria, Morocco and Spain will also vote in this semi-final.

Country Artist Song Selection Process
First half
Flag of Albania Albania Njomza "Someone Like Me" Internal Selection
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Finding Kate "Get Over You" Internal Selection
Flag of Egypt Egypt Nefera "She Said" Internal Selection
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands The Bloody Beetroots feat. Greta Svabo Bech "The Great Run" Internal Selection
Flag of Germany Germany Kim Petras "I Don't Want It At All" National Selection
Iceland Iceland Silja Rós "Did You Know" National Selection
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Moldir Auelbekova "Tugan el" National Selection
Flag of Malta Malta The New Victorians "Keep Me in Love" National Selection
Flag of Monaco Monaco TJ Bilham "Coming Undone" Internal Selection
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine TARABAROVA "Tsunami" Internal Selection
Second half
Flag of Andorra Andorra Twin Melody "Siempre Eras Tú (If I Want You)" Internal Selection
Flag of Armenia Armenia Srbuk "Yete Karogh Es" Internal Selection
Flag of Belarus Belarus SHUMA "Rano Rano" Internal Selection
Flag of Croatia Croatia Colonia "Que sera" Internal Selection
Denmark Denmark JÆRV "I staver" National Selection
Flag of Israel Israel NAMA "Walk of Freedom" Internal Selection
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Naaz "Up To Something" National Selection
Flag of Romania Romania Freia "Wasted" National Selection
Flag of Russia Russia Oleg Mayami "Yesli Ty So Mnoy" Internal Selection
Flag of Serbia Serbia Emina feat. Milica Todorovic "Limunada" National Selection


Country Artist Song Selection Process
Austria Austria (host) Acarina "Austrian Girls" Internal Selection
Flag of Italy Italy Betta Lemme "Bambola" Internal Selection
Flag of Morocco Morocco Faouzia "My Heart's Grave" Internal Selection
Flag of Spain Spain Sweet California feat. Danny Romero "Ay dios mío!" Internal Selection
Flag of Sweden Sweden Amanda Fondell "Count On You" National Selection
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom[1] Paloma Faith "Guilty" National Selection

Other countries

Further information: List of countries in the North Vision Song Contest

Countries that are active members of the North Broadcasting Union (NBU) are also eligible to participate in the North Vision Song Contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members have been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. The following list of countries declined stating their reasons as shown below.

Active NBU members

  • Algeria Algeria: Despite originally confirming their participation, the country was forced to withdraw due to the Head of Delegation resigning from his position. It is expected that the country will return for the twenty-fifth edition.
  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: Financial cut-backs and internal problems within the broadcaster have been given as the main reasons behind Azerbaijan's latest withdrawal.
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium: Despite being pre-qualified for the final, the broadcaster failed to confirm the country's participation before the deadline, resulting in a forced withdrawal and therefore the automatic qualification of United Kingdom, as the 7th place of the previous edition.
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria and Flag of Ireland Ireland: Because of substantial internal changes in their respective delegations, both countries have announced to take a break for another edition while expecting a return for the next edition.
  • Flag of Estonia Estonia: On December 3rd, EER announced that there is a possibility for the country to withdraw from the twenty-forth edition due to the bad results last edition and a possible Pre-Qualification Round participation. On December 16, the country announced their withdrawal from the competition, stating that it is still unlikely to return in the next edition too.
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia: The country had to withdraw from the edition due to changes regarding the Head of Delegation. It is expected that the country will return for the twenty-fifth edition.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: Due to internal changes in the broadcaster, the country was forced to take a break this edition. It is expected that the country will return for the twenty-fifth edition.

NBU non-members

  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia: The country is not expected to return to the contest after their last participation in the sixteenth edition. In order to return, a Tunisian broadcaster would be required to acquire membership in the NBU. In October 2017, Nessma ruled out any possibilities of returning to the contest.


  1. ^ Belgium was originally part of the Big 6, but due to the country's withdrawal, the United Kingdom gained the Big 6 status after reaching the 7th place in the previous edition.

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