North Vision Song Contest 25
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Semi-final 1 date 23 June 2018
Semi-final 2 date 30 June 2018
Final date July 2018
Venue Salle Mohammed V
Casablanca, Morocco
Presenter(s) Aja
Maria Nadim
Broadcaster SNRT
Entries 45
Debuting None
Returning Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Withdrawing Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
System Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting
North Vision Song Contest
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North Vision Song Contest 25, often referred to as NVSC 25, will be the twenty-fifth edition of the North Vision Song Contest. The contest will be hosted in Casablanca, as Morocco is the winning country of the twenty-fourth edition. The show will be hosted by drag queen Aja and former contestant Maria Nadim.

Forty-five countries will participate in the edition, the lowest number of participants since the second edition. Seven countries withdrew from the competition: Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, three other countries stayed away for another edition; Algeria, Azerbaijan and Slovakia. The edition also saw the return of five countries; Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland and Switzerland.

Participating countries

Forty-five countries participated in the edition, making it one of the editions with the less amount of participants, tying with the ninth and second editions and the first edition being the only one to have less participants (41).

Returning artists

Cassandre, who represented Monaco in the eleventh edition, returned to represent the country for a second time. Samira Said, the Moroccan representative in the fourth and eleventh editions,  returned to represent the host country for a third time. Belarusian singer Natalia Podolskaya returns to the contest after having previously represented Belarus in the thirteenth edition. Tosca Beat, who represented Slovenia in the seventeenth edition, returned to represent the country for a second time. Sammarinese representative Aradia Morrigan previously represented San Marino in the twenty-second edition under her previous stage name Sophy Rose. Jadranka Barjaktarović, who represented Montenegro in the sixteenth and twentieth editions, returned to represent her country for the third time. Paul Rey returned to this edition after having previously represented Sweden in the twenty-third edition.


Semi-final 1

Luxembourg, Moldova and Ukraine will also vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Ginta "Mais oui mais non"
02 Flag of Monaco Monaco Cassandre "Nos cœurs libres"
03 Flag of Albania Albania Flora Cash "Roses On Your Dress"
04 Flag of Spain Spain Miriam Rodríguez "Hay algo en mí"
05 Flag of Hungary Hungary yesyes "Fight"
06 Flag of Finland Finland Lxandra "Dig Deep"
07 Flag of Georgia Georgia Maliibu "Where"
08 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Jadranka Barjaktarović "Luzeru"
09 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands HAEVN "Fortitude"
10 Flag of Turkey Turkey Aylin Coşkun "Sinsirella"
11 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Melis "Holding Hands"
12 Flag of Latvia Latvia Catalyst "Howl"
13 Iceland Iceland BLISSFUL "Find a Way"
14 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Salvatore Ganacci "Talk"
15 Flag of Belgium Belgium Sam Renascent "Kobotama"
16 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Xriss "Black Dress"
17 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Lea Kampmann "Moonsick"
18 Flag of Germany Germany Mira Wunder "Licht aus"
19 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kamshat Zholdabayeva "Layk basa ber"

Semi-final 2

Israel, Morocco and Poland will also vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Andorra Andorra Reyko "Spinning Over You"
02 Flag of Italy Italy Michele Bravi "Diamanti"
03 Flag of France France Slimane "Viens on s'aime"
04 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Mihaela Fileva "Posledni dumi"
05 Flag of Estonia Estonia Elephants From Neptune "Riot Disco"
06 Flag of San Marino San Marino Aradia Morrigan "A Little Piece of You"
07 Flag of Ireland Ireland Greywind "Circle"
08 Flag of Denmark Denmark Bladtkramer "While I'm Young"
09 Flag of Belarus Belarus Natalia Podolskaya "Ni mnogo ni malo"
10 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Tosca Beat "Crossroads"
11 Flag of Russia Russia 5sta Family "Snova vmeste"
12 Flag of Malta Malta Davinia "Perfectly"
13 Flag of Sweden Sweden Paul Rey "Soldier"
14 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Vendredi sur Mer "La femme à la peau bleue"
15 Flag of Croatia Croatia Zsa Zsa & Vanna "Tragom tvojih tragova"
16 Flag of Norway Norway Ine Hoem "Moonland"
17 Flag of Portugal Portugal The Gift "You Will Be Queen"
18 Flag of Romania Romania Delia "Du-te-ma"
19 Flag of Serbia Serbia Kovic "Give it All"
20 Austria Austria Lea Santee "Rollin'"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
First half
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Krick "Fake Cake"
Flag of Moldova Moldova Maryon "You"
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine KAZKA "Plakala"
Second half
Flag of Israel Israel Dennis Lloyd "Nevermind"
Flag of Morocco Morocco Samira Said "Allez Lmgharba"
Flag of Poland Poland Kasia Moś feat. Norma John "Wild Eyes"


Belarusian entry leak

On 28 May 2018, details about the song Natalia Podolskaya would be singing at Casablanca were leaked by an unknown source. BTRC immediately rejected the rumours and said that the entry is yet to be announced publicly. The North Broadcasting Union took action, mentioning that "there's no fair play in leaking entries without the consent of the Head of Delegation" and also said that these kind of actions "ruin the fun of the contest". Details of the leak were swiftly removed by the North Broadcasting Union.

Latvian entry

On 10 June 2018, the Latvian broadcaster announced their entry for the edition; Auļi un Tautumeitas would represent the country with the song "Dzied’ papriekšu, brāļa māsa". However, it was eventually discovered that the song was a remake of an old traditional folk song. Therefore, the country was forced to change their entry. The Latvian broadcaster was given an extra day to submit their song. The broadcaster was not fined by the NBU despite the song breaching the contest's rules, as the song was approved by the NBU beforehand.

Lebanese entry

LBC posted a teaser of their entry on 30 April 2018. However, one day later it was announced that the broadcaster would be changing their entry due to the song being a cover of a 1956 song. Subsequently, the Lebanese broadcaster had to disqualify their entry and select another song.

Other countries

Further information: List of countries in the North Vision Song Contest

Countries that are active members of the North Broadcasting Union (NBU) are also eligible to participate in the North Vision Song Contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members have been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. The following list of countries declined stating their reasons as shown below.

  • Flag of Armenia Armenia; After initially confirming participation, on 9 May 2018, AMRTV unexpectedly announced its shutdown due to economic difficulties, forcing the country to withdraw.
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus: CyBC announced its withdrawal on 9 May 2018 due to a lack of applicants. A return in the next edition is likely.
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt: ERTU released a press statement on 5 May 2018 announcing Egypt's withdrawal due to "lack of money and lack of singers interested to take part at the contest." A return is highly likely in the twenty-sixth or twenty-seventh edition.
  • Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia: MRT initially confirmed their participation in the edition. However, it was announced by the NBU that the country's participation had to be revoked due to controversies with the Head of Delegation.
  • Flag of Greece Greece: The broadcaster announced that the country will be taking an one edition break due to the previous Head of Delegation resignation. ERT announced that a return is most likely for the next edition.
  • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom: Despite initially confirming their participation, BBC later revealed that their participation is in doubt.
  • The following countries failed to confirm or withdraw from edition and were fined by the NBU:

NBU non-members

  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia: The country is not expected to return to the contest after their last participation in the sixteenth edition. In order to return, a Tunisian broadcaster would be required to acquire membership in the NBU.

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