North Vision in Concert
Genre Concert
Created by Selvin Reyes
Presented by Various
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Various
Running time 3-4 hours
Original run 13 April 2013 – 16 February 2014
Related shows North Vision Song Contest
Kid's North Vision

North Vision in Concert is an event held for the North Vision Song Contest, founded and started by Selvin Reyes.


The first concert was held in Spain. Nineteen nations participated in the event. However, the event wasn't as successful as the organisers predicted and due to this, the event took a break and the second concert was held for the third edition, which was planned to be more organized. SVT, the Swedish broadcasted put a lot effort and the concert became a big event since then.

After introducing the pre-qualification round in the contest, it was decided that the North Vision in Concert would no longer take place. The last concert took place for the ninth edition and was held in Ireland. However, it was decided during the nineteenth edition that the event would return due to the contest not having a pre-qualification round.



Any nation can confirm their participation in the event. However, it was required that the song must have been selected before the concert. The record of the participants is 34, attended in the fifth edition.


Seven concerts have been held. Every concert has been held in different country. Three of the nordics (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) have so far hosted the contest. Armenia was originally selected as the host for the fifth concert but was later replaced with Norway after it was found out that Armenia had cheated in their national selection.

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