FANDOM (also known as was the official website of the North Vision Song Contest. It first opened in July 2013 and was re-newed in April 2014. The website closed in June 2014.


The official website of the contest was created by the current head of Liechtenstein, Daniel Lengfeld. It opened on 25 July 2013 under the domain "" even though it was not fully-done. The website officially opened with the first interview on 28 July 2013, with the ex-head of Liechtenstein and current head of Portugal. After more broadcasters were available for interviews, Florian Rahn was hired as the second reporter of the website. In early August, the first After-show awards were held in the website, unofficially though.

In April 2014, it was announced that the website would be reset and restarted in a new domain.


The site was used in several places related to the contest. The site was labeled in the official preview videos of the songs since the seventh edition. It was also featured on the official channels as well as on the twitter account. Since May 2014, the homepage features a North Vision Radio app, which created an easy access to all North Vision songs for North Vision fans.


The section lists the current as well as the former crew members of the website.

  • Daniel Lengfeld (July 2013–July 2014)
  • Rick Saaltud (August 2013–July 2014)
  • Jessica Weaver (April–July 2014)
  • Dimitris Ioannou (April–July 2014)
  • Florian Rahn (September 2013–April 2014)

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