North Vision Song Contest 1
Country Flag of Norway Norway
National selection
Selection process Internal selection
Selection date(s) 5 April 2013
Selected entrant Tone Damli
Selected song "Smash"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Qualified (2nd, 109 points)
Final result 7th, 113 points
Norway in the North Vision Song Contest
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Norway participated in the North Vision Song Contest 1 in Budapest, Hungary. The Norwegian entry was selected through an internal selection by the broadcaster of the country, Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK). Tone Damli represented Norway with the song "Smash", which qualified from the first semi-final of the competition and placed 7th in the final with 113 points.

Internal selection


Postcard from Tone's visit in Sweden.

Norway selected their entry through an internal selection. NRK first announced that the entrant and the song will be announced on 1st April. But it was later announced that the revelation date will be moved to 5th April instead. On 5th April, NRK announced Tone Damli as the chosen artist to represent Norway in the first edition. The song was presented the same day. It was written by Jason Gill, Robin Fredriksson & Mattias Larsson and its title was "Smash". During the press conference, Tone reportedly said: "I'm glad that NRK selected me to represent our country in the first edition. It shows that they trust me to make the first step in the contest. I feel very excited and I can't wait to perform in Budapest".

A few days after the presentation the tour's dates were announced with performances in a lot of European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. "Smash" peaked at 7 in Norwegian charts but it didn't do so well in other countries.


Tone Damli in Budapest.

At Northvision

During the semi-final allocation draw, Norway was drawn to compete in the first half of the first semi-final. Norway performed second in the semi-final and qualified, placing 2nd and scoring 109 points while the country was announced as the sixth qualifier. During the qualifiers press conference, Tone Damli chose to perform in the second half of the final and were later drawn to perform nineteenth. Norway placed 7th in the final, scoring 113 points and recieving 12 points twice - from Portugal and France.


Points awarded to Norway

Points Awarded to Norway (Semi-final 1)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points Awarded to Norway (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Norway

Semi-final 1 votes

Points Country
12 Flag of Denmark Denmark
10 Flag of Greece Greece
8 Flag of Belarus Belarus
7 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
6 Flag of Poland Poland
5 Flag of Romania Romania
4 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
3 Flag of San Marino San Marino
2 Flag of Ireland Ireland
1 Flag of Monaco Monaco

Final votes

Points Country
12 Flag of Denmark Denmark
10 Austria Austria
8 Flag of Sweden Sweden
7 Flag of Greece Greece
6 Flag of Hungary Hungary
5 Flag of Andorra Andorra
4 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
3 Iceland Iceland
2 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
1 Flag of Poland Poland

Spokesperson and commentators

In Norway, the semi-finals and final were aired on NRK1, with commentary by Per Sundnes while Ronny Brede Aase served as the radio commentator. The Norwegian spokesperson in the grand final was Nadia Hasnaoui.

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