OGAN Second Chance Contest 11
Final date 15 December 2014
Venue Norway
Entries 28
Debuting Austria Austria
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Returning Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Romania Romania
Withdrawing Algeria Algeria
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Monaco Monaco
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
System Each OGAN club awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Flag of Norway "Compass"
Two Steps from Hell
feat. Merethe Soltvedt
OGAN Second Chance Contest
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The OGAN Second Chance Contest 11 was the 4th OGAN Second Chance Contest, organised between members of the international North Vision Song Contest fan club OGAN to select the best song not to make it to the North Vision Song Contest 11 through their national finals. It was held in Norway after the United Kingdom declined to host the event and Norway was second last edition.

Participating countries

A total of 28 OGAN clubs confirmed to compete. Austria, Faroe Islands, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro announced their debut in the contest, while Andorra, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Poland and Romania are going to return. Algeria, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine and United Kingdom have announced to not compete in this edition despite having participated in the previous edition.


Draw Country Artist Song NF Place Points
01 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Nicolas Fraissinet "Lève-toi" 2nd 28 11
02 Flag of Greece Greece Eirini Merkouri "Ki An Tora De Thimasai" 4th 16 59
03 Flag of Romania Romania Sandra N "Liar" 2nd 15 59
04 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Lena Anderssen "The Fighter" 2nd 19 53
05 Flag of Sweden Sweden Linda Pritchard "Drummer Boy" 2nd 9 78
06 Flag of Andorra Andorra Natalia "Besa Mi Piel" 2nd 21 32
07 Flag of France France Shy'm "La Malice" 2nd 18 57
08 Flag of Armenia Armenia Inga & Anush "Im Anune Hayastan e" N/A 23 26
09 Flag of Albania Albania Seldi Qalliu "Digjet Ballkani" 2nd 11 71
10 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Nevena Tsoneva "Ne Izchezvai" 2nd 25 18
11 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Dimitar Andonovski "Ako Me Boli" 1st 6 85
12 Flag of Poland Poland Donatan & Cleo feat. Sitek "Cicha Woda" 2nd 10 77
13 Austria Austria GuGabriel "Salvation" 2nd 3 105
14 Flag of Turkey Turkey Emir "Tutuşmayan Kalmasın" 4th 4 94
15 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Live or Leave "Ferqli Zamanda" 7th 27 14
16 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Nela Pociskova "Mysterious Boy" 4th 5 93
17 Flag of Norway Norway Two Steps from Hell feat. Merethe Soltvedt "Compass" 2nd 1 115
18 Flag of Germany Germany Kerstin Merlin "Himmel und Hölle" 2nd 2 112
19 Flag of Georgia Georgia Dato "Straight through my heart" 2nd 8 83
20 Flag of Croatia Croatia Lines and Colours "Solid Gold" 2nd 7 85
21 Flag of Malta Malta Baklava "Moon Dance" 2nd 17 58
22 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Selma & the Sound "Follow You" 2nd 24 24
23 Flag of Denmark Denmark ÁLI "Cocoon" 2nd 13 65
24 Flag of Ireland Ireland Alex Winston "Sister Wife" 2nd 14 63
25 Flag of Hungary Hungary Veca Janicsák "Könnyek az esőben" 3rd 22 28
26 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Danijel Alibabic "Balavica" 2nd 26 15
27 Flag of Morocco Morocco Mr Sufian feat. Amir L9wafi "3mel Lkhir" 3rd 20 33
28 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Myrath "Braving the Seas" 2nd 12 69

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