OGAN Second Chance Contest 15
Final date 19 August 2015
Venue Flag of Italy Italy
Entries 19
Debuting Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Returning Flag of Belarus Belarus
Denmark Denmark
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Withdrawing Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Andorra Andorra
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
System Each OGAN club awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
"The Way We Are"
OGAN Second Chance Contest
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The OGAN Second Chance Contest 15 is the 8th OGAN Second Chance Contest, organised between members of the international North Vision Song Contest fan club OGAN to select the best song not to make it to the North Vision Song Contest 15 through their national finals. It was held in Italy for the first time after their first place in the last edition with the song "Straordinario" by Chiara. Alesha Dixon with the song "The Way We Are" won the contest for the United Kingdom.

Participating countries

A total of 19 OGAN clubs confirmed to compete. Liechtenstein announced its debut in the contest, while Belarus, Denmark, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and the United Kingdom returned. Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the Faroe Islands, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Lebanon, Tunisia and Ukraine announced to not compete in this edition despite having participated in the previous edition.

Rest of the World participant

The Rest of the World participant returned after taking a break last edition. Each edition, one of the associate broadcasters can as well submit a song to the competition (as 'Rest of the World'). Whose turn it is, is being decided by a draw. The entry must be from a country that has not confirmed within the deadline. Apart from that, all the other rules should apply.

Flag of Brazil FPA was the selected broadcaster and chose Anna Blagova with the song "Daleko" which came 3rd in the Belarusian selection.


19 countries participated. The draw was determined and announced on 18th August 2015. The recap was published on 19th August 2015. The results were announced on 27th August 2015. The winner was the United Kingdom with Alesha Dixon performing "The Way We Are" gaining 132 points.

Draw Country Artist Song NF Place Points
01 Flag of Turkey Turkey Safiya "One Blood" 2nd 09 62
02 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Kristina "No.1" N/A 12 44
03 Flag of Sweden Sweden Molly Sandén "Like No One's Watching" 2nd 03 106
04 Flag of Moldova Moldova Dianna Rotaru "Am plecat" 2nd 08 63
05 Flag of Germany Germany Leslie Clio "My Heart Ain't That Broken" 2nd 05 81
06 Flag of Latvia Latvia Diana Arte "Dangerously Sexy" 2nd 19 8
07 Flag of Norway Norway Tooji "Father" 3rd 02 107
08 Flag of Georgia Georgia Bani "Me Miyvars Racha" 2nd 10 54
09 Flag of France France Fréro Delavega "Le chant des sirènes" 2nd 13 44
10 Denmark Denmark Fallulah "Dried-Out Cities" 2nd 04 102
11 Flag of Belarus Belarus (Rest of the World) Anna Blagova "Daleko" 3rd 14 37
12 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Dasa Gradisek "Hollywood Kitsch" 2nd 07 67
13 Flag of Finland Finland Indica "In Passing" 3rd 18 25
14 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Ammara Mistric "Vrata Snova" 2nd 17 28
15 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Madu feat. Orda "Keep it Comin'" 2nd 11 52
16 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Alesha Dixon "The Way We Are" 3rd 01 132
17 Flag of Estonia Estonia Nion "Me vahel on sädemed" 2nd 06 77
18 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Bella Wagner "Plastic City" 2nd 16 34
19 Flag of Ireland Ireland Eve Belle "Too Young to Feel this Old" 5th 15 37

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