OGAN Second Chance Contest 19
OGAN Second Chance Contest 19 Logo
Final date 2 July 2016
Venue Flag of Sweden Sweden
Entries 26
Debuting Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Returning Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Estonia Estonia (RotW)
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Withdrawing Flag of Armenia Armenia
Austria Austria
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of San Marino San Marino
System Each OGAN club awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
OGAN Second Chance Contest
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The OGAN Second Chance Contest 19 is the 12th OGAN Second Chance Contest, organised between members of the international North Vision Song Contest fan club OGAN to select the best song not to make it to the North Vision Song Contest 19 through their national finals. It was held in Sweden for the third time after their second win in the previous contest achieved by Ida LaFontaine with her song "Go Again".

Participating countries

A total of 26 OGAN clubs have confirmed to compete to date. The Netherlands confirmed their debut, while Bulgaria, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Switzerland and Ukraine announced their return to the contest, as well as Israel, which is their first participation by the Israeli OGAN club instead of the previously responsible Rest of the World club. Armenia, Austria, Faroe Islands, Greece, Lithuania, Russia and San Marino withdrew from the competition due to not having organised a preselection while Belarus withdrew due to not taking part in North Vision Song Contest 19.

Rest of the World participant

The Rest of the World club returned to this edition. OGAN Colombia was selected to choose the entry. Therefore OGAN Rest of the World was represented by Estonia.

Each edition, one of the associate broadcasters can as well submit a song to the competition (as 'Rest of the World'). Whose turn it is, is being decided by a draw. The entry must be from a country that has not confirmed within the deadline. Apart from that, all the other rules should apply.


Draw Country Artist Song NF Place Points
01 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Daniel Baron feat. ADAM "Say What You Want" 5th 19 32
02 Flag of Romania Romania Brighi "Invizibila" 2nd 05 84
03 Flag of Hungary Hungary Hien "Édes Kis Suttogás" 2nd 17 37
04 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Birdy "Wild Horses" 3rd Disqualified
05 Flag of Estonia Estonia (Rest of the World) Eda Ines Etti "Maailm Minu Ümbert Kaob" 4th 20 30
06 Flag of Malta Malta Deborah C "Until We Meet Again" 4th 22 16
07 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Adria Rasti "Tha Trelatho" 2nd 15 42
08 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Quentin Mosimann feat. Amanda Wilson "Hello" 2nd 01 103
09 Flag of Albania Albania Megi Laska "Your Love" 2nd 13 54
10 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Marek Ztracený "Pády" 2nd 18 36
11 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Made in June "This Is Real" 2nd 09 72
12 Flag of Spain Spain Dasoul "Si Me Porto Mal" 2nd 03 95
13 Flag of Denmark Denmark Oh Land "Head Up High" 3rd 10 72
14 Flag of Poland Poland Natalia Szroeder "Lustra" 2nd 14 45
15 Flag of Norway Norway Astrid S "Hurts So Good" 2nd 12 63
16 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Nevena Peykova "Izbran" 2nd 25 14
17 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Enela Palavra & Selma Bajrami "Mlađe slađe" 4th 16 39
18 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine The Hardkiss "Helpless" 3rd 02 100
19 Flag of Moldova Moldova Sandy C "Weak For Your Love" 2nd 07 74
20 Flag of Germany Germany Beyond The Black "Lost In Forever" 2nd 04 91
21 Flag of Sweden Sweden Mikaela Coco "Weightless" 2nd 06 81
22 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kairat Baekenov & Format "An alemi" 2nd 11 64
23 Flag of Israel Israel Ido B & Zooki and Franklin "Daber iti hofesh" 3rd 08 74
24 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Raiven "Črno Bel" 2nd 24 16
25 Flag of Georgia Georgia Rati Durglishvili "Feel Space" 2nd 21 26
26 Algeria Algeria Lynda Thalie "Merci" 3rd 23 16

Voting grid

Rest of the World

12 points

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