Objectivo Northvisión 01
Final TBA
Venue Madrid Arena
Madrid, Spain
Presenter(s) Eva González
Broadcaster TVE
Entries 10
System 50% Jury, 50% SMS and telephone voting
Winner TBA
Objectivo Northvisión
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ON 01 is the first edition of Objectivo Northvisión. The winner will represent Flag of Spain Spain in the North Vision Song Contest 19.


On 23 April, TVE announced the national selection, including voting system and the concept itself. TVE will announce the songs during the following days. The first artist to be announced was Alvaro Soler who returned after achieving the second place in the Spanish selection for North Vision Song Contest 16.

# Date Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of None
1 April 23, 2016 Alvaro Soler "Sofia" Flag of Spain
2 April 24, 2016 Dasoul "Si Me Porto Mal" (If I misbehaved)
3 April 25, 2016 Lucy Paradise "Bad Girl"
4 La Pelopony "Me Anticipo" (I Advance)
5 April 26, 2016 Chenoa "Soy Humana" (I am human) Flag of Spain Flag of Argentina
6 Salvador Beltran "Días de Alegría" (Days of Joy) Flag of Spain
7 April 27, 2016 Amelie "I Don't Wanna Take It Slow"
8 Barei "Time To Fight"

Voting system

50% of the results consists of two Northvision countries, including a Spanish jury, and a group of three in-studio juries. The rest are SMS and telephone voting

Following countries/people are juries

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

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