Patrícia Venâncio is a a soul/jazz singer from Luxembourg.

"Since I can remember I sing" replies the now 18-year-old Luxembourger to the question of when she discovered the ingenious talent in itself.

Anyone who has experienced the good-humored young singer for the first time, the skin around it. Soulful, passionate, cheerful and authentic she sings her song and thus draws all in its spell.

In Luxembourg, the singer performed years ago around 4 in appearance. When RTL Tele Luxembourg casting show "Wannsde eppes kanns" it came as a 14-year-old to the final.

In the 3rd season of The Voice of Germany in 2013, she experienced her most beautiful appearance to date in the blind auditions. "While it has been but none flipped at that moment I was just to be able to stand just overjoyed at this stage," said Patricia recalls.

In March 2014 Patricia learned the manager Sascha Lang know who is currently already very successfully builds with SLANG Music the careers of Chaka, Pakamos and Isaac Roosevelt and since they work together to Patricia's career.

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