Background information
Birth name Phildel Hoi Yee Ng
Born 1983 (aged 30)
London, United Kingdom
Occupation(s) Singer-songwritter, musician
Labels Decca Records

Phildel is a British-Irish singer-songwritter born in London. Her name is a composite of her Chinese father and Irish mother's names - Philip and Della. She was selected to be the Irish representative in the North Vision Song Contest 10.

Early Life

At the age of 9, Phildel's mother married a strictly religious Muslim, Phildel's name/religion/lifestyle/dress-code were changed by force, all of her personal possessions were seized and music became a forbidden evil within the household. This meant no radio, no CD player, and no piano. She was renamed Zara.For the next decade Phildel was treated as a servant within her home. However, Phildel spent lunchtimes with sympathetic music teachers and the school piano, at the girls' day school in Barnet (Queen Elizabeth's School for Girls) It was a refuge creating and playing her own compositions relentlessly. She eventually ran away from home at age 17 to escape her home-life and follow her dreams.


Debut Album

During December 2008, Phildel joined the bands Radiohead and Goldfrapp to become a Warner/Chappell Music Publishing artist. She worked at the world-famous Metropolis Recording Studio, to complete her neo-classical album. Called "Qi" Chinese for Energy. This was then followed by the recording of her artist album (for Decca). Her debut album for Decca The Disappearance of the Girl, was released on 4 March 2013.

She appeared on BBC Breakfast show on Thu 21 Mar 2013, to promote the album.

She was invited on 23 May 2013 by BBC Radio Merseyside's Dave Monks to his 'BBC Introducing' show after a recommendation from Stevo, she performed acoustic renditions of 'Storm Song' and 'Holes In Your Coffin'.

North Vision and Collaborations with Sleepthief

Phildel stated that she had been "Interested in Northvision for a while" and despite originally planing to apply to the BBC for Battle for Britain, due to personal reasons she missed the closing date. This caused her to instead apply for the Irish selection, Made in Ireland 4. While there, Phildel failed to be chosen by a mentor, resulting in her missing out on the opportunity to represent the country.

Phildel once again applied to represent Ireland in Made in Ireland 5, stating being unable to make it through the last edition made her "determined to try again" and that she had "been feeling her Irish roots" after many Dublin to meet music producers. After receiving mentor-ship from Flag of Sweden Sweden she contacted American producer Sleepthief - with whom she had been working on songs for his latest album - in order to help her craft a winning song. The result of the collaboration was "Dust and Cloud" which would later go onto be crowned the winner of the selection with an 11 point lead.


Studio Albums

Title Details
The Disappearance of the Girl

Extended Plays

Title Details
The Cut-Throat EP[6]
Tales from the Moonsea
  • Released: November 2010
  • Label:
  • Format: Digital EP
The Glass Ghost[16]
  • Released: November 2013
  • Label:
  • Format: Digital EP


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
2012 "The Kiss" Qi
2013 "Storm Song" The Disappearance of the Girl
2014 "Dust and Cloud" 14 25 Non-Album Single