Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir Edition 06
Final 13 April 2015
Venue Freedom Hall
Kiev, Ukraine
Broadcaster NTU
Entries 20
System Foreign juries + Public voting
Winner Flag of Ukraine Dantes & Oleynik
Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir
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Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir | Edition 06 was the sixth edition of PNV that selected Ukraine's entry for the fourteenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.


The contest was still held in the Freedom Hall. It was announced as the sole official venue for all PNV editions before the first edition started.

Grand Final

Draw Artist Song English Translation Place Points
#01 Ana Baston "Vystrel" (Выстрел) Shot 9th 36
#02 Ne Vashe Delo records "Unichtozhen" (Уничтожен) Destroyed 15th 24
#03 Jaklin & Tamerlan "Kupi mne lyubov'" (Купи мне любовь) Buy me love 18th 13
#04 Evelina "Sevgi yolu" (Севги ёлу) Love's path 17th 16
#05 Yulia Dumanskaya "Mama, prosti" (Мама, прости) Mom, I'm sorry 11th 33
#06 Alina Grosu "Yami" (Ями) --- 13th 32
#07 Alekseev "Vsyo uspet'" (Всё успеть) All the time 5th 48
#08 Roman Bolduzev "Stop Where You Are" --- 3rd 53
#09 Lavika "Vsegda tvoya" (Всегда твоя) Always yours 16th 18
#10 TOLOCHKO "Molchanie" (Молчание) Silence 20th 3
#11 Natasha Turbina "Mama" (Мама) Mom 14th 29
#12 Dyadya Zhora "Gubki utochkoy" (Губки уточкой) Duck sponges 4th 53
#13 Aleksey Matias "Proigray mne voynu" (Проиграй мне войну) Lose my war 12th 33
#14 Antytila "Nad polyusamy" (Над полюсами) Over the poles 2nd 59
#15 Vlada Yakovleva "Ne vrag" (Не враг) Not an enemy 19th 11
#16 Yaroslove "Again" --- 8th 37
#17 Johnny Bravo & Darya Sergiyenko "#IWantYou" --- 10th 34
#18 Dantes & Oleynik "Staya" (Стая) Pack 1st 73
#19 Svetlana Loboda "Ne nuzhna" (Не нужна) Not needed 6th 47
#20 DINAMA "Ya veryu v lyubov'" (Я верю в любовь) I believe in love 7th 44


In the final, all jury members were asked to vote in Eurovision style; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 to the best songs and were combined with the public votes equivalent to one jury's vote. The artist with the highest amount of votes was then chosen to represent Ukraine in the tenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.

List of countries that voted

Juries (in order of voting)
Countries Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Russia Russia, Flag of Belarus Belarus, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Algeria Algeria and Flag of Sweden Sweden

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