Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir Edition 08
Final 28 November 2015
Venue Freedom Hall
Kiev, Ukraine
Broadcaster NTU
Entries 10
System Foreign juries + Public voting
Winner Flag of Ukraine Artem Mekh & Yana Solomko
"Nas ne slomat'"
Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir
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Pivnichbachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir | Edition 08 was the eighth edition of PNV that selected Ukraine's entry for the seventeenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.


The contest was still held in the Freedom Hall. It was announced as the sole official venue for all PNV editions before the first edition started.

Grand Final

Draw Artist Song English Translation Place Points
#01 Marlen "Okeany" (Океаны) Oceans 7th 102
#02 Nastya Markova "Sunshine" --- 8th 92
#03 Oleksandr Pavlik "Po lezviyu nozha" (По лезвию ножа) On the edge 9th 88
#04 Daniel Christian & Kolly Dee "Slava Ukraine" (Слава Ukraine) Glory to Ukraine 5th 112
#05 Erika "Kovboy" (Ковбой) Cowboy 6th 109
#06 Anastasiya Pryhodko "Ne tragediya" (Не трагедия) Not a tragedy 3rd 127
#07 Anna Sedokova "Revnost'" (Ревность) Jealousy 4th 124
#08 Katya Boyko "Zemle moya" (Земле моя) My world 10th 63
#09 Artem Mekh & Yana Solomko "Nas ne slomat'" (Нас не сломать) We don't break 1st 152
#10 Alyosha "Moyo serdtse" (Моё сердце) My heart 2nd 133


In the final, all jury members were asked to vote in Eurovision style; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 to the best songs and were combined with the public votes equivalent to one jury's vote. The artist with the highest amount of votes was then chosen to represent Ukraine in the tenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.

List of countries that voted

Juries (in order of voting)
Countries Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of San Marino San Marino, Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Malta Malta, Flag of Moldova Moldova, Flag of Russia Russia, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Turkey Turkey, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Georgia Georgia, Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom, Flag of Belarus Belarus, Flag of Poland Poland, Flag of Lebanon Lebanon, Flag of Cyprus Cyprus and Flag of Lithuania Lithuania

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