Polish Top Of The Top #10 (PTT 10) is the tenth edition of the national selection for North Vision Song Contest 20.



Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Poland Agata Dziarmagowska "Blisko Mnie" TBA TBA
02 Flag of Poland MaRina "On My Way" TBA TBA
03 Flag of Poland Tabb & Sound'n'Grace "Na Pewno" TBA TBA
04 Flag of Poland Honey "Wykonałam Plan" TBA TBA
05 Flag of Poland Grzegorz Hyży "Lost In You" TBA TBA
06 Flag of Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Tamta Dziewczyna" TBA TBA
07 Flag of Poland Margaret "Click" TBA TBA
08 Flag of Poland Lanberry "Na Zawsze" TBA TBA
09 Flag of Poland Ewelina Lisowska "Nowe Horyzonty" TBA TBA
10 Flag of Poland Olivia Anna Livki "Geek Power" TBA TBA
11 Flag of Poland Monika Lewczuk "Móc Zatrzymać Się" TBA TBA

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