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Polish Top Of The Top #2 (PTT 2) is the second edition of the national selection for North Vision Song Contest 8.



Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Poland Kasia Cerekwicka "S.O.S." 8 123
02 Flag of Poland 4LOVE "Tęsknię Już (Hej Dziewczyno)" 10 107
03 Flag of Poland Jamal "Defto" 12 61
04 Flag of Poland Piersi "Bałkanica" 9 121
05 Flag of Poland Isis Gee "Hidden Treasure" 6 154
06 Flag of Poland Marta Podulka "Nieodkryty Ląd" 4 157
07 Flag of United Kingdom Florence and The Machine "Seven Devils" 13 53
08 Flag of Poland Tatiana Okupnik "Spider Web" 5 154
09 Flag of Poland Doda "Bad Girls" 7 127
10 Flag of Poland Margaret "Tell Me How Are Ya" 1 173
11 Flag of Poland Enej "Symetryczno-Liryczna" 2 171
12 Flag of Poland Damian Skoczyk "Przyjaciel" 3 165
13 Flag of Poland Natalia Lesz "Power Of Attraction" 11 82

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