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Polish Top Of The Top #9 (PTT 9) is the ninth edition of the national selection for North Vision Song Contest 19.



Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Poland Video "Ktoś Nowy" 8 114
02 Flag of Poland Dorota Osińska "Universal" 6 173
03 Flag of Poland Dawid Podsiadło "W Dobrą Stronę" 9 104
04 Flag of Poland Natalia Nykiel "Bądź Duży" 5 173
05 Flag of PolandFlag of Sweden Pawell "Superman" 10 90
06 Flag of Poland Margaret "Cool Me Down" 1 278
07 Flag of Poland Szymon Chodyniecki "Drogowskaz" 3 222
08 Flag of Poland Natlia Szroeder "Lustra" 2 276
09 Flag of Poland Popek & Matheo "Wodospady" 11 28
10 Flag of Poland Edyta Górniak "Grateful" 4 206
11 Flag of Poland Michał Szpak "Jesteś Bohaterem" 7 134

Voting grid

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