Pre-Qualification Round 6
PQR 06 Logo
Final 15 May 2015
Venue Nordic House, Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
Presenter(s) Rannva Joensen
Éva Novodomszky
Entries 7
System Each country awarded:
12, 10, 8-5 points (participants)
12, 10, 8-4 points (non-participants)
Qualifiers 3
Pre-Qualification Round
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Pre-Qualification Round 6 (often abbreviated PQR 6), was a pre-event held for the fourteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest. Seven countries participated and three of them qualified to the semi finals. The Faroe Islands were chosen as the host country and the venue was the Nordic House in Tórshavn.


For further information see Tórshavn

Tórshavn is the capital and largest city of the Faroe Islands, a country situated between Scotland and Iceland. Tórshavn is located in the southern part on the east coast of Streymoy. To the northwest of the city lies the 347-meter (1,138 ft) high mountain Húsareyn, and to the southwest, the 350-meter (1,150 ft) high Kirkjubøreyn. The town proper has a population of 13,000 (2008), and the greater urban area a population of 19,000.

The Vikings established their parliament on the Tinganes peninsula in 850 CE. Tórshavn thus became the capital of the Faroe Islands and has remained so ever since. All through the Middle Ages the narrow peninsula jutting out into the sea made up the main part of Tórshavn. Early on, Tórshavn became the centre of the islands' trade monopoly, thereby being the only legal place for the islanders to sell and buy goods. In 1856, the trade monopoly was abolished and the islands were left open to free trade.

Bidding phase

Locations of the candidate cities. The chosen location is marked in red.

The hosting submissions for the pre-qualification round started on 8 May 2015 and ended one day later, on 9 May 2015. Four countries applied to host the event this time. The first country to apply was Hungary with the National Theatre, who applied to host the event for the fifth time. Morocco also applied to host the event with Salle Ibn Yassine as their venue choice. Morocco had already hosted the event before, in the fourth edition, with the same venue.

Another returning host country of the event was Turkey who hosted the first edition. Another country to apply was the host of the third edition Albania, who applied to host the event in the Palace of Congresses known as Pallati i Kongreseve in Albanian. The Faroe Islands applied last, wanting to host the event in the Nordic House in Tórshavn.

The host was selected through a poll. After one day of voting, the Faroe Islands were selected as the host of the event with 23 out of the 65 votes.

Country (City) Venue Capacity
Flag of Albania Albania (Tirana) Palace of Congresses 2100
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands (Tórshavn) Nordic House 500
Flag of Hungary Hungary (Budapest) National Theatre 619
Flag of Morocco Morocco (Rabat) Salle Ibn Yassine 5,000
Flag of Turkey Turkey (Istanbul) Hezarfen Havaalani 5,000


In the sixth pre-qualification, the five countries that ended in the bottom of the two semi-finals of the thirteenth edition had to compete. However, as Bulgaria, San Marino and Spain withdrew from the fourteenth edition, there will be seven instead of ten countries competing. There will be three qualifiers, making it a total of twenty countries in each of the semi-finals of the edition.


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Armenia Armenia Aram MP3 "Help" 5 51
02 Flag of Serbia Serbia Milica Pavlović "Selfi" 2 56
03 Algeria Algeria Amel Wahby "Mama Loca" 7 48
04 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Dubioza Kolektiv "No Escape (from Balkan)" 3 56
05 Flag of Denmark Denmark The Storm "My Crown" 1 74
06 Flag of Greece Greece Angelika Dusk "Marionette" 4 53
07 Austria Austria Tagträumer "Tagträumen" 6 50

Voting grid

Voting results
Total Score NArmenia NSerbia NAlgeria NBosniaHerzegovina NDenmark NGreece NAustria NRestoftheWorld
Armenia 51 6 10 12 6 5 8 4
Serbia 56 10 5 5 12 12 7 5
Algeria 48 8 7 7 7 7 5 7
B&H 56 6 8 7 5 10 10 10
Denmark 74 12 10 12 10 6 12 12
Greece 53 5 12 6 6 10 6 8
Austria 50 7 5 8 8 8 8 6

12 points

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
4 Flag of Denmark Denmark Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Rest of the World
2 Flag of Serbia Serbia Denmark, Greece
1 Flag of Armenia Armenia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Greece Greece Serbia

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