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Rising Star Føroyar was an annual National Selection organized by Kringvarp Føroya. It determined the entrant for each North Vision Song Contest edition it was hosted for. The show based on the popular television format "Rising Star" that was introduced to TV channels around the world in 2014.



Famous and successful, aswell as unknown and new artists get the chance to show off their talent in Rising Star Føroyar. Before the show, a special jury decides which eight acts get the chance to present their songs to the public. Every artist must have a Faroese-Danish passport. Artists from other countries or regions are not allowed to enter the competition according to the official reglement.


All of the songs have to be original song by the artists themselves. Covers are not allowed. Each song has to have a length between 2:45 and 5:00 minutes. For the North Vision Song Contest, the songs have to be revamped as a 3-minute-version. Every artist has the right to select their song on their own. The jury that pre-decides on the artists cannot influence the artists' decision on the song. The songs are allowed to be sung in English, Danish and Faroese. All in all, the selection follows the NBU reglements.


Venue KVF chose the host city before each edition of the National Selection. Any Faroese city could apply to be the host city. For both editions that were held, the Nordic House in Tórshavn was chosen.


Each edition consists of three shows with a total amount of 8 songs by 8 different artists. The two Semi-finals and the Grand Final of the competition are held on saturdays each. In each Semi-final, four songs will compete while two songs of each Semi-final will advance to the Grand Final. Since the second edition of the selection, a professional jury is able to select a non-qualifier from one of the Semi-finals to compete as a wildcard entrant in the Grand Final. The winner will be chosen out of five songs in the Grand Final.


All of the shows are offering a live voting in which the public decides on each of the songs during their performances. Every viewer can vote via a special app if they want the song to advance (▲) or if they want the song to be out (▼). In the end, there will be a specific percentage that each song reaches. The maximum amount is 100%. From each of the Semi-finals, the two songs with the most amount of percent will advance to the Grand Final. The same voting procedure will be held in the Grand Final. This time though, the song with the most amount of percent will be the official Faroese entry for the North Vision Song Contest.


Edition Language Artist Song Percent
Rising Star Føroyar #01 Danish Valravn "Koder på snor" 64.71%
Rising Star Føroyar #02 Faroese Byrta "Grát Ei Eftir Mánanum" 75.00%

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