Rising Star Føroyar 01
Semi-finals Semi-final 1: 12 October 2014
Semi-final 2: 19 October 2014
Final 26 October 2014
Venue Nordic House, Tórshavn
Presenter(s) Regin Dalsgaard
Broadcaster Kringvarp Føroya
Entries 8
System 100% App Voting
Winner Valravn - "Koder på snor"
Rising Star Føroyar
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Rising Star Føroyar #01 was the first edition of the annual Faroese national selection Rising Star Føroyar for the North Vision Song Contest. It selected the Faroese entry for the eleventh edition of the music event.

General Information

On 22 September 2014, KVF confirmed that they would hold a National Selection called "Rising Star Føroyar" which would contain unknown aswell as known artists competing for the win with one of their songs. The winner was chosen via a special phone app arranged by the Faroese broadcaster.

Venue and presenter(s)


On Sunday, 28th September, KVF revealed information about the venue and the presenter. The show would be hosted in the Nordic House in Tórshavn. The presenter for the show was Regin Dalsgaard. The capacity of the venue made up about 272 seats. The stage had been set up by the setting team of Rick Sóltúð.


The show consisted of three shows with a total amount of 8 songs by 8 different artists. The two Semi-finals and the Grand Final of the competition were held on sundays each. In each Semi-final, four songs competed while two songs of each Semi-final advanced to the Grand Final which consisted of four songs aswell. The winner was chosen in the Grand Final.


All shows were offering a live voting in which the public decided on each of the songs during their performances. Every viewer could vote via a special app if they wanted the song to advance (▲) or if they wanted the song to be out (▼). In the end, there was be a specific percentage that each song reached. The maximum amount was 100%. From each of the Semi-finals, the two songs with the most amount of percent advanced to the Grand Final. The same voting procedure was held in the Grand Final where the winning song was selected.

Artists and Songs

Artist(s) Song English Translation
Eivør Pálsdóttir "Rain"
Gestir "Heimloysi" Homeless
Heidrik á Heygum "Blonde"
Laila av Reyni "Wolves"
Lena Anderssen "The Fighter"
Orka "Aldan Reyð" Red Waves
Ronnie ft. DIE&Beats "Hvønn Dag" Everyday
Valravn "Koder På Snor" Notes On A String

Semi Finals

Semi-final 1

Draw Artist(s) Song English Translation Score Place
01 Eivør Pálsdóttir "Rain" 75.00% 02
02 Orka "Aldan Reyð" Red Waves 54.55% 04
03 Heidrik á Heygum "Blonde" 70.00% 03
04 Lena Anderssen "The Fighter" 90.91% 01

Semi-final 2

Draw Artist(s) Song English Translation Score Place
01 Gestir "Heimloysi" Homeless 53.85% 03
02 Laila av Reyni "Wolves" 61.54% 02
03 Ronnie ft. DIE&Beats "Hvønn Dag" Everyday 53.85% 03
04 Valravn "Koder På Snor" Notes On A String 68.75% 01

Grand Final

Draw Artist(s) Song English Translation Score Place
01 Lena Anderssen "The Fighter" 63.64% 02
02 Laila av Reyni "Wolves" 23.53% 04
03 Eivør Pálsdóttir "Rain" 62.50% 03
04 Valravn "Koder På Snor" Notes On A String 64.71% 01