North Vision Song Contest 1
Country Flag of Russia Russia
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selection date(s) Artist: 20 March 2013
Song: 28 March 2013
Selected entrant Vintazh
Selected song "Derv'ya"
Finals performance
Semi-final result 15th, 38 points
Final result Failed to qualify
Russia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Russia participated in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest. That was held in the city of Budapest from the host country Hungary. The debuting entry was chosen internally by the broadcaster.


On March the 19th, the Russian broadcaster "Rossiya 1" confirmed their debut in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest. They revealed just one detail, that was that the song will be in Russian.

On March the 20th is was announced that the group Vintazh will represent Russia in the first edition of the contest. Also stated was that the song will be presented on April the 3rd.

8 days after confirming the artist it was already announced that Vintazh was singing "Derev'ya" in Budapest. A few days too early, because of the rumors there were spreading the Russian broadcaster confirmed the rumors so the that was the reason that the entry was known before the first named date.

After the first semi final it was announced that Russia didn't reached the final. Vintazh was a little bit disappointed, but they were happy to be part of this big European event. They also stated that they are interested in returning to the contest in the future.

At North Vision

Russia was performing in the first semi final, that was held in on April the 24th.

Points Awarded by Russia

Semi-final votes
12 pointsFlag of Denmark Denmark
10 pointsFlag of Poland Poland
8 pointsFlag of Spain Spain
7 pointsFlag of Morocco Morocco
6 pointsFlag of Monaco Monaco
5 pointsFlag of Romania Romania
4 pointsFlag of Serbia Serbia
3 pointsFlag of Greece Greece
2 pointsFlag of San Marino San Marino
1 pointFlag of Netherlands Netherlands
Final votes
12 pointsFlag of Poland Poland
10 pointsFlag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
8 pointsFlag of Belarus Belarus
7 pointsFlag of Denmark Denmark
6 pointsIceland Iceland
5 pointsFlag of Montenegro Montenegro
4 pointsFlag of Romania Romania
3 pointsFlag of Greece Greece
2 pointsFlag of Germany Germany
1 pointAustria Austria

Points Awarded to Russia

Semi Final
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


Russia did broadcast all three shows. The commentator in the first edition was Alexander, there was no dual commentator or guest commentator. The spokesperson was the Russian soccer player Aleksandr Kokorin. He was giving the votes from the capital of Russia, Moscow. The broadcaster was "Rossiya 1" as was noted before.