North Vision Song Contest 13
Country Flag of Russia Russia
National selection
Selection process A Russian Sound 3
Selection date(s) Grand Final: 24 February 2015
Selected entrant Albina Dzhanabayeva
Selected song "Nadoyeli" (Надоели)
Finals performance
Semi-final result 12th, 58 points
Final result Did Not Qualify
Russia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Russia will take part in the thirteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest. This will be held in the city of Tel Aviv from the host country Israel. The entry will be chosen true a National Selection.


More Information: Russia in the North Vision Song Contest.

Russia debuted in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest with the Russian broadcaster "Rossiya 1". And it participated every edition since.

On January the 18th, the Russian broadcaster had announced that they will participate in the 13th edition. More information will follow. On February the 15th it was announced that the last used national selection is going to make it's return. So the artist will be chosen due "A Russian Sound". The selection was won by Albina Dzhanabaeva so she will carry the flag from Russia this edition. On March the 28th when the results came out, She unfortunately didn't make it to the final.

A Russian Sound 3

The final of this edition of "A Russian Sounds" was held on February the 16th.

Draw Language Artist Title Final Points
1 Russian Roma Acorn "Gromche" (Громче) 06 56
2 Russian MakSim "Stala Svobodney" (Стала Свободней) 05 63
3 Russian 4POST "Adrenalin" (Адреналин) 12 25
4 Russian Glukoza "Voz'mi Menya Za Ruku" (Возьми меня за руку) 10 39
5 English Bravve "Sudden Addiction" 04 71
6 Russian Rush-Style "Day Mne Lyubov'" (Дай мне любовь) 03 84
7 Russian Oksana Pochepa "Bespoleznyye Dni" (Бесполезные дни) 11 30
8 Russian Nodar Reviya "Frau" (Фрау) 09 40
9 Russian Kamni "Ne Ukhodi" (Не уходи) 08 41
10 Russian Irina Dubtsova "Lyubi Menya Dolgo" (Люби меня долго) 02 92
11 Russian Albina Dzhanabayeva "Nadoyeli" (Надоели) 01 105
12 Russian Irina Allegrova & Slava "Pervaya Lyubov' - Lyubov' Poslednyaya" (Первая Любовь - Любовь Последняя) 07 50

At NorthVision

The winning artist of "A Russian Sound" will participate in one of the two semi finals in the contest.

Points Awarded by Russia

Semi-final votes
12 points Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
10 points Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
8 points Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
7 points Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
6 points Flag of Poland Poland
5 points Flag of France France
4 points Flag of Serbia Serbia
3 points Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
2 points Flag of Romania Romania
1 point Flag of Croatia Croatia
Final votes
12 points Flag of Sweden Sweden
10 points Flag of France France
8 points Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
7 points Flag of Albania Albania
6 points Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
5 points Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
4 points Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
3 points Flag of Hungary Hungary
2 points Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
1 point Flag of Italy Italy

Points Awarded to Russia

12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


The commentators this edition are the same as the last few editions. Alexander & Roma still provide the commentary. If Roma wins the National Selection his place will be given to another person for one edition. This edition we won't have a guest commentator. The spokesperson and spokescity will be revealed in a later stadium. The Broadcasting channel still is "Rossiya 1".

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