San Marino
Flag of San Marino
Broadcaster SMRTV (SanMarinoRepublicTV)
Appearances 20 (8 finals)
Debut NVSC #01
Best result 4th: #02
Worst result Last in P.Q.R.: #11
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#23) 21st
Highest ranking 6th
Lowest ranking 55th

San Marino has been participating in North Vision Song Contest since the first edition with the broadcaster SMRTV (SanMarinoTV).

Contestants & Results

Edn. Host City Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of Hungary Budapest Sonohra Italian "Seguimi O Uccidimi" 15 83 10 58
#02 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik BG Italian, English "Look Into Myself" 04 138 02 96
#03 Flag of Switzerland Winterthur Lara Fabian English "No Big Deal" 24 62 'Big 5' member
#04 Flag of Sweden Gothenburg Laura Pausini English "It's Not Goodbye" 09 131 05 91
#05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Annalisa Italian "Alice E Il Blu" 14 118 04 90
#06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Valentina Monetta Italian "L'amore verrà" Failed to qualify 19 24
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool Simonetta Spiri Italian "Aura" Failed to qualify 17 52
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Angel English "Last Breath" Failed to qualify 19 21
#09 Flag of Norway Oslo Did not participate
#10 Flag of Norway Bergen Helia English "Gaia" Failed to qualify 18 38
#11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Michele Bravi Italian "In Bilico" Failed to qualify from P.Q.R.
#12 Flag of Denmark Herning Did not participate
#13 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Jessica Brando Italian "Dimmi Cosa Sogni" Failed to qualify 21 32
#14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Did not participate
#15 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen
#16 Flag of Israel Jerusalem Ada Reina Italian "Non mi importa di te" Failed to qualify 13 49
#17 Flag of Switzerland Zürich Rakele Italian "Si chiudono le labbra" 18 90 5 89
#18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Bianca Atzei Italian "In un giorno di sole" Failed to qualify 19 21
#19 Flag of Italy Turin Simonetta, Greta, Verdiana, Roberta Italian "L'amore merita" Failed to qualify 11 115
#20 Flag of Albania Tirana Gianluca Capozzi feat. Emiliana Cantone Italian/Neapolitan "Luntano se more" Failed to qualify 19 43
#21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Simonetta, Greta, Verdiana, Roberta Italian "L'origine" 17 169 10 138
#22 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Sophy Rose English "Powerless" 14 192 5 170
#23 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Giulia Luzi Italian "Paracadute" Failed to qualify 12 127
#24 Flag of Austria Vienna Roshelle English "Body Adi"

OGAN Second Chance Contest

San Marino debuted in the OGAN Second Chance Contest in the 16th edition.

Edn. Artist Song National final Place Points
Did not participate between #08 and #15
#16 Annalisa "Vincerò" 2nd 15 47
#18 Syria "Odiare" 2nd 12 47
#20 Corinne Marchini "It's Only Us" 3rd 23 7
#22 Chiara Grispo "Niente è impossibile" 2nd 16 20
#23 Mahmood "Pesos" 2nd 22 23

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