Sarah Zingg
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Origin Winterthur
Occupation Singer
Years active 2012-present
Label Skies Fall

Sarah Zingg is a 28-year-old singer and songwriter from Winterthur, Switzerland.


In November 2012, she celebrated the release of their first CD "Shadows". Her song "After the Fail" has since been regularly in various radio (Radio Swiss Pop) heard. Her music inspired by catchy melodies, builds on the American pop on with slight folk and jazz influences, and is reminiscent of artists like Colbie Caillat, Katie Melua, Christina Perri or Brooke Fraser.

"Songwriting has always been my greatest passion," says the artist. "There is nothing unlocking or more exciting for me than on my guitar and the piano to write new melodies and lyrics." What began at the age of 13 years behind closed doors, was only some years later publicly by recording their first CD.

Their EP Shadows was Ben Kasica, ex-guitarist of the US rock band Skillet, produced near Chicago in the studio spaces of SkiesFall. Since then, Sarah Zingg has sold about 1,000 CDs from her own hand at various events and concerts. Since the end of 2013 "Shadows" is available on iTunes.

She is currently working on her album, which appears likely in the beginning of 2015.

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