Severvizijska Melodija 13 is the National Selection for Slovenia in the North Vision Song Contest.It is the second National Selection after "Slovenija Vision" for NVSC 10.

10 Entries have the chance to particiating for Slovenia in NVSC #13. In 5 Battles(in each one 2 Entries) ,the Entries have to qualify for the Grand Final. A Jury ,the Televotes and the International Jury can decide about the Winner .


Artist  Song
Dejan Vunjak "Želim, Želim"
Žana "Druga Violina"
Anay "Clouds"
Tanja Žagar "Dadi Ladi"
Maja Keuc "Ta Planet"
Jan Plestenjak "Večja od neba"
Neno Belan & Fiumens "Oceani Ljubavi"
Nina Pušlar feat. Zlatko "Svet Je Tvoj"
Alice Blue "Hot Air"

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