Origin Lithuania
Years active 2015-present
Members Berta Timinskaitė
Artiomas Penkevičius

SillyCut is known as Berta Timinskaitė and Artiomas Penkevičius. Their first song „Endless“ is a light and even experimental drum‘n‘bass, which reached and stayed in top five of radio station “ZIP FM” for four weeks.

Because of its music this duet is very various in their style and can not be put in any category or genre. The producer Artiomas is very interested in Western music while the author of songs and vocalist Berta is more into popular European music. Therefore, artists had to find some compromises, to broaden their musical interests, to refuse some old-fashioned ideas regarding music.

“SillyCut” performances are actually very original. They decided not talk in between the songs and created the program, where these pauses are fulfilled with music. Thus, their concerts are very full of music.

Party visitors will recognize house, techno, drum’n’bass, 808 melodies in “SillyCut” music and will sing along to easy-to-remember Berta’s songs. “SillyCut” music is for dancing and having fun, you will not have time for chitchatting.