Flag of Singapore
Appearances 9 (8 finals)
Debut EVSC #01
Best result 2nd (F): EVSC #08,EVSC #09
Worst result 23rd (SF): EVSC #04
Singapore debuted in the 1st Edition of East Vision Song Contest.

Contestants & Results

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edn. Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Diyana English "Drifted" 15 49 05 79
#02 Sun Ho English "Fancy Free" 14 52 No semi-finals
#03 Tabitha Nauser English "Everyone" 17 33 No semi-finals
#04 Kit Chan English "Home" Failed to qualify 23 15
#05 By2 Mandarin "No Reason" 19 67 02 104
#06 Tanya Chua Mandarin, English "Sing It Out of Love" 05 126 05 87
#07 By2 Mandarin "Zhe Jiao Ai" 20 31 Big 10
#08 San Fermin English "Jackrabbit" 02 147 Qualified
#09 Jasmine Sokko English "Porcupine" 02 180 No semi-finals

The Borrowing Rules

For a singer to represent a country they must have been born there, have both parents from there, or have lived there for a significant amount of time; exceptions can be argued if it's believed the act would realistically represent the country without following the mentioned criteria (though, if it's felt that this is not the case, the act will not be able to take part).

Edn. Nationality Artist
#03 Flag of South Africa South Africa Jody Williams
#03 Flag of Jamaica Jamaica Sean Kingston
#03 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Stevie Appleton
#03 Flag of Australia Australia Jessica Mauboy