Flag of Slovenia
Broadcaster RTV Slovenija (RTV SLO)
Appearances 16 (7 finals)
Debut NVSC #02
Best result 6th: #07, #17
Worst result Last (SF): #14
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#25) 41st
Highest ranking 9th
Lowest ranking 55th
Slovenia has been participating in North Vision Song Contest since the second edition with the broadcaster SLOTV (SloveniaTV). In the fifth edition the broadcaster changed. The new broadcaster is RTV Slovenija.

Contestants & Results

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
     Did not qualify from the pre-qualification round

Slovenia in North Vision Song Contest

Slovenia debuted in the second edition of North Vision Song Contest in Reykjavik.

North Vision Song Contest 1

On April 14th 2013, Slovenia announced that they would not be debuting in NVSC 1 due to low budget.

North Vision Song Contest 2

Slovenia confirmed that they will debut in NVSC 2. They chose their song internally and selected the due Cleo and Kim to represent them. They sent they catchy song "Balkan Bachata" to Reykjavik. The competed in the second spot, after Russia and before Austria. They failed to qualify for the final.

North Vision Song Contest 3

Slovenia confirmed that they would be in NVSC 3. They once again plan to select internally due to lack of their low budget and lack of musicians willing to represent them. Eventually, Hanna Mancini was selected to represent Slovenia with Vanillaz producing the song. Her song "Back 2 Life" qualified to the final and placed 24th.

North Vision Song Contest 4

Slovenia confirmed that they will be in NVSC 4. They internally selected Sanya G. to represent them. She will sing in Slovenian which will be the first time this language is sung in the contest.

North Vision Song Contest 5

SLOTV confirmed in a press conference that they will "luckily" be in NVSC 5. When the deadline was very close, SLOTV announced that Slovenia won't participate in Aarhus due the fact that no artist send no song to them. Ministery of Affaires of Slovenia announced in the deadline date that SLOTV will pay a fee because they have hiden the true from the head of NVSC, saying no one entered their internal selection. It was later announced that day thet RTV Slovenija will be the official broadcaster for Slovenia in NVSC and Maja Keuc with "Tako lepo mi je" will participate with them.

North Vision Song Contest 6

RTV Slovenija confirmed on Octomber 28th that they will participate in NVSC 6. The will once again select internally their singer, but this time, the public will be able to see it, as RTV Slovenija will broadcast their internal selection called "Notranji izbirni postpekza SevernoVision". The juries : Eva Boto, Clea, Kim, Hannah Marcini, Sanja Gronur. 9 songs were selected. The winner will be announced in middle November. On November 9th, RTV Slovenija said that the Internal Selection is out because Maja Keuc showed interese in participating for the 2nd time. After this, Maja Keuc was selected internally with a song in Slovenian.

North Vision Song Contest 7

At the seventh edition Nika Zorjan represented Slovenia with the song "Nasmeh Zivljenja".

North Vision Song Contest 8

In the eighth edition the country withdrew due to financial issues.

North Vision Song Contest 9

At the ninth edition Maja Keuc returned for the third time to NVSC. With 104 Points she finished in a good 9th place.

North Vision Song Contest 10

Tina Maze, a famous ski racer, sang her song "My Way is my Decision" at the Jubilee Edition of NVSC.

North Vision Song Contest 11 and 12

RTV SLO's delegation didn't send an application to compete in the eleventh edition, the broadcaster went through major staff changes.

North Vision Song Contest 13

In an Interview RTV SLO announced that Slovenia would return in Edition 13. The entry would be selected via a National Selection called "NMA".

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#02 Clea & Kim "Balkan Bachata" Failed to qualify 16 47
#03 Vanillaz & Kosta Radman
feat. Hannah Mancini
"Back 2 Life" 20 72 9 69
#04 Sanja Grohar "Ko Sneži" Failed to qualify 16 38
#05 Maja Keuc "Tako Lepo Mi Je" 11 71
#06 Maja Keuc "Zmorem" 13 53
#07 Nika Zorjan "Nasmeh Življenja" 6 150 8 73
#08 Did not compete
#09 Maja Keuc "Close to You" 9 104 1 120
#10 Tina Maze "My Way Is My Decision" Failed to qualify 16 51
#11 Did not compete
#13 Žana "Druga Violina" Failed to qualify 15 47
#14 Anay "2NIGHT" 20 30
#15 Ramus feat. Nika Zorjan "Lajf je moj" 13 47
#16 Maraaya "Living Again" 10 122 8 85
#17 Tosca Beat "Open Sea" 6 142 6 82
#18 Maraaya "Nothing Left for Me" 24 36
"Big 6" member
#19 Klemen Slakonja "Putin, Putout" 14 208 8 142
#20 Nuša Derenda "Tip Top" Failed to qualify 11 128
#21 Did not compete
#23 Klara Jazbec "Milijon in ena" Failed to qualify 17 86
#24 Raiven "Povej" 17 80
#25 Tosca Beat "Crossroads" TBA TBA TBA TBA