The sneak peeks were first introduced during the second edition of the contest while the betting odds were introduced two editions later, during the fourth edition.

Sneak Peeks

The sneak peeks were first introduced in the second edition and served as a preview of the songs in the edition. They were present in every edition since then, except in the eighth. The sneak peeks are usually posted two weeks before the first semi-final of the edition. The countries were usually divided to the sneak peeks according to their geographical location. However, in the most recent editions they are divided according to the date of their entry's revelation.

Most of the broadcasters open a poll and let people vote for their favorites from each sneak peek. Since the fourth edition, the rankings of the broadcasters in the sneak peeks were used for the betting odds with the average place of each country representing their odds to win the contest.

Betting Odds

The betting odds were first introduced in the fourth edition but were not associated with the sneak peeks until the seventh edition. Between the fourth and sixth editions, players could bet about who they think could qualify or win the contest. Since the seventh edition, the rankings of each broadcaster in the sneak peeks were combined and the average score of each country represented their odds to win the contest. In the eighth edition as there were no sneak peeks, a different format was used for the betting odds with the users ranking the songs on a scale from 1 to 12 points (excl. 9 and 11 points).

Since their introduction in the fourth edition, the betting odds have predicted several winners right, including Denmark in the fourth and fourteenth editions as well as Ukraine in the tenth edition. Most of the betting odds' top 10–15 had similar result in the contest. However, there were several occasions where the favorites of the betting odds did not manage to do well, such as Turkey in the twelfth edition or where the non-favorites of the edition did better than expected, most notably Israel in the twelfth edition.

Best averages

A list with the best averages in the betting odds.

Rank Country (Edition) Average
1 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia (#17) 2.40
2 Flag of Moldova Moldova (#16) 2.42
3 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (#11) 2.48
4 Flag of Denmark Denmark (#14) 2.67
5 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland (#09) 2.73
6 Flag of Norway Norway (#17) 2.74
Flag of Norway Norway (#18) 2.74
7 Flag of Norway Norway (#11) 2.75
8 Flag of Romania Romania (#17) 2.77
9 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (#09) 2.80
10 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom (#19) 2.84
11 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (#17) 2.85
12 Flag of Turkey Turkey (#09) 2.86
13 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom (#16) 2.89
14 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan (#14) 2.90
15 Flag of Estonia Estonia (#18) 2.93
16 Flag of Moldova Moldova (#10) 2.94
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (#10) 2.94
17 Flag of Serbia Serbia (#17) 2.95
Flag of Finland Finland (#12) 2.95
18 Flag of Germany Germany (#19) 2.98
19 Flag of Denmark Denmark (#11) 3.00
Flag of Norway Norway (#09) 3.00
Flag of Sweden Sweden (#14) 3.00

Worst averages

A with the worst averages in the betting odds.

Rank Country (Edition) Average
1 Flag of Algeria Algeria (#16) 6.89
2 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon (#19) 6.39
3 Flag of Monaco Monaco (#10) 6.38
4 Flag of Malta Malta (#19) 6.31
5 Flag of Belarus Belarus (#16) 6.24
6 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands (#17) 6.15
7 Flag of San Marino San Marino (#10) 6.10
8 Flag of Georgia Georgia (#16) 6.08
9 Flag of Israel Israel (#19) 6.02
10 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro (#07) 6.00
11 Flag of Morocco Morocco (#13) 5.93
12 Flag of Monaco Monaco (#07) 5.92
13 Flag of Malta Malta (#16) 5.91
14 Flag of Portugal Portugal (#12) 5.90
15 Flag of Serbia Serbia (#19) 5.82
16 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic (#16) 5.81
17 Flag of Croatia Croatia (#07) 5.79
18 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania (#09) 5.77
19 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands (#16) 5.76
20 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg (#16) 5.75
21 Flag of Morocco Morocco (#07) 5.74
22 Flag of Belarus Belarus (#07) 5.72
23 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands (#19) 5.70
24 Flag of Croatia Croatia (#12) 5.67
Flag of Israel Israel (#09) 5.67
25 Flag of Morocco Morocco (#14) 5.65
26 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon (#13) 5.61
Flag of Iceland Iceland (#12) 5.61
Flag of Moldova Moldova (#13) 5.61
27 Flag of Portugal Portugal (#15) 5.60
Flag of Andorra Andorra (#16) 5.60

Note: In both rankings, the betting odds of the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth editions are not included due to their different system.

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