Sounds of Croatia is a national selection which was created by the Croatian broadcaster HRT. The national selection series was made to select acts that would represent Croatia in the North Vision Song Contest, and also to find acts that would represent Croatia in the OGAN Second Chance Song Contest.


Sounds of Croatia has so far been held once. That edition was for North Vision Song Contest 10. It was announced that Sounds of Croatia would be the only national selection for Croatia that would choose their acts, whenever it was planned by HRT. Sounds of Croatia took a small break in North Vision Song Contest 12 as Antonija Sola was internally chosen to represent Croatia. She will sing Nesto Kao Volim Te (Je t'aime)".

Edition NVSC Edition Artist Song Points
#1 #10 Neda Parmac "Dajte Da Se Probudim" 336
#2* #11 Severina feat. Ministarke "Uno Momento" 12*
#3 #13 TBA TBA TBA
  • Sounds of Croatia 2 was held for North Vision Song Contest #11, however it ended in a chaos with the end result being a poll. Severina and Ministarke won with 12 votes in the poll. 


The format has changed from each edition. In #1, it was 11 songs in one final where juries had to vote in Eurovision style along with -4 points to the songs. The televoters had to split 1000 points between all the songs, no song could get 0. At the end, it was decided that each song would get either 24-240 points, judging on the combined televotes. In #2, it started off with 12 acts fighting in 3 battles, with a second chance round planned. However due to low interest and no voters, HRT decided to open a poll with the 5 songs that would have qualified to quarter finals. In #3, the format will change - 4 artists this time with two songs will enter the selection - 8 songs in total. Voters will have to vote their favourite from each artist and thus the 4 remaining songs will take part in a final, the winner going to represent Croatia in North Vision Song Contest #13.