Sounds of Croatia #3 is the third edition of the Croatian selection, Sounds of Croatia, which chooses the Croatian act for North Vision Song Contest. The 3rd edition will choose the act for the thirteenth edition, held in Israel.


HRT debuted in the 1st edition of North Vision Song Contest. It participated a total of 11 times, only missing out on the ninth edition. Their best result was 6th with Severina & Ministarke and the song Uno Momento in the eleventh edition. Their worst result was last in the semi final with Antonija Šola and the song Nešto Kao Volim Te (Je t'aime) receiving 22 points in the twelfth edition. Sounds of Croatia was hosted 3 times; #1 in Zagreb (#10), #2 in Dubrovnik (#11) and #3 in Split (#13). Croatia has internally selected all acts until the 10th edition, and internally selected again in the 12th edition. 


After HRT confirmed for North Vision Song Contest #13, they confirmed that only 4 artists would take part at the selection. Each would have two songs to compete in the selection; the two songs of each artist would battle and the one with the highest points wins. All songs could be sung in any language but each song was sung in Croatian. In total, 8 songs took part. 

Artists selection

In January, HRT revealed the 4 acts competing at the selection. Lidija Bačić, Žanamari & J'animals, Colonia and Severina. Lidija and Žanamari were never included in the selection before; while Colonia tried to represent Croatia in the eleventh edition with Anđele" but did not make it to Lviv. Severina participated in the 11th edition and earned sixth place.

Songs selection

After all artists were announced, the songs for each were announced. 

Lidija Bačić sang Adio" and "Još te čekam". Žanamari & J'animals sang "Kao da nema sutra" and "Prokleto Lagano". Colonia sang "Feniks" and "Laž za laž". Severina sang "Generale" and "Alcatraz".


The first battle was Lidija. 

Adio won the battle with 1,149 votes, beating the 2nd place by over 600 points. 11 countries voted.