Suomi Laulukilpailun 3
Final 23 February 2015
Entries 10
System 100% international jury
Winner Haloo Helsinki!
"Kiitos ei ole kirosana"
Suomi Laulukilpailun
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Suomi Laulukilpailun 3 was the third edition of the Finnish national selection Suomi Laulukilpailun. It selected the Finnish entry for the North Vision Song Contest 13, where Finland automatically qualifies for the final after a record second-place finish in the twelth edition.


The entries and the running order were revealed together on 21 February 2015. Voting opened on 23 February while the results were revealed on 7 March.

Returning artists

  • Haloo Helsinki! represented Finland in the first edition, finishing twelfth in the second semi-final with the song "Vapaus käteen jää".
  • Nopsajalka represented Finland in the first edition of the Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix, finishing in last place with the song "Lupaan olla".
  • Erin represented Finland in the fourth edition with "Ei taida tietää tyttö", finishing fourteenth in the second semi-final.
  • Jannika B represened Finland in the eighth edition with "Seuraavaan elämään", finishing nineteenth in the final.
Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Lauri Tähkä "Saat syttymään" 9 81
02 Haloo Helsinki! "Kiitos ei ole kirosana" 1 133
03 Anna Abreu "Right in front of you" 7 101
04 Vilma Alina "Hullut asuu Kallios" 3 115
05 Nightwish "Élan" 5 111
06 Juju "Onnelliseksi" 10 73
07 Indica "Vuorien taa" 4 113
08 Benjamin "Unbreakable" 6 106
09 Nopsajalka & Erin "Seuraava" 8 90
10 Jannika B "Jääkausi" 2 121

12 points

No. Song Giving national juries
6 "Unbreakable" Flag of Albania Albania, Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of New Zealand New Zealand, Flag of South Africa South Africa
3 "Kiitos ei ole kirosana" Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Flag of Ukraine Ukraine, Flag of Finland Finland (Junior)
"Jääkausi" Flag of Estonia Estonia, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Canada Canada
"Vuorien taa" Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Sweden Sweden
2 "Élan" Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Flag of Israel Israel
1 "Right in front of you" Flag of Georgia Georgia

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