Bartosz Green (Tabb) is a Polish producer, composer and producer, author / co-author and producer of such hits as, among others, Wszystkiego na Raz, Małe Rzeczy, W Stronę Słońca, Flirt, Czyste Szaleństwo, Karuzela, Co z nami będzie, Ważne, Sacrum, Pierwszy Raz, You & I, Kiss.. He produced hundreds of songs and dozens of albums in multiple genres of contemporary music. Collaborated Sylwia Grzeszczak, Liber, Rafal Brzozowski, Mezo, ewelina lisowska, Honorata Skarbek Honey, Joanna Liszowska, Patricia Kazadi and Kasia Wilk. He has worked with the program as they sing, they produce audio mix for the big events (eg. Sting Symphonicity). His latest project is a record "Z całych sił" recorded with vocalist Grzegorz Hyżym, promoted by the hit single "Na Chwilę".

He began his career hiphop'u of production, quickly expanding their skills and horizons other genres. Currently, successfully produces recordings pop, club or pop-rock, specializing in mainstream'owych sounds. His fascination with sound and enduring love for music cause constant search for new sounds and music solutions, making it one of the most innovative and fresh sounding producers in Poland.

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