Flag of Taiwan
Broadcaster Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS)
Selection process Internal Selection (#01-#07)
Taiwan's Got Talent (#08)
Appearances 4 (4 final)
Debut EVSC #01
Best result 1st: EVSC #04
Worst result 15th: EVSC #05

Taiwan debuted in the 1st Edition of East Vision Song Contest.
They didn't compete in the 2nd or 3rd editions.
The current Head of Delegation was elected to take over the country's EVSC team and their application was accepted to compete in the 4th Edition.
Taiwan was successful in EVSC #04, with Angela Zhang winning with her song "陽光空氣" (Yángguāng, Kōngqì) with 164 points.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edn. Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Jeannie Hsieh
Mandarin "Sister"
02 103 02 86
Did not compete from #02 to #03
#04 Angela Zhang
Mandarin "Yángguāng, Kōngqi"
01 164 01 119
#05 Cyndi Wang
Mandarin, English1 "Baby Boy" 15 90 Host Country
#06 Jolin Tsai
Mandarin, English2 "Play"
(Play 我呸)
02 177 01 134
#07 Da Mouth
Mandarin, English "What The...?"
13 73 Big 10
#08 Genie Chuo
Mandarin "Black Horse"
01 162 Q Q
1.^The song is in Mandarin; however, there are two sentences in English in the chorus.
2.^The song is in Mandarin; however, the title is in English.


Edition Location Venue Presenters
#06 Flag of Taiwan Taipei Taipei Arena Jeannie Hsieh

The Borrowing Rules

For a singer to represent a country they must have been born there, have both parents from there, or have lived there for a significant amount of time; exceptions can be argued if it's believed the act would realistically represent the country without following the mentioned criteria (though, if it's felt that this is not the case, the act will not be able to take part).

Edn. Nationality Artist Note
#07 Flag of Canada Canada MC40 Canadian-Taiwanese Rapper in Da Mouth
Flag of United States United States Harry Korean-Taiwanese-American male lead vocalist in Da Mouth
Flag of Japan Japan Chung Hua Taiwanese-Japanese DJ in Da Mouth
Flag of Japan Japan Aisa Senda Japanese female lead vocalist in Da Mouth


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