Flag of Thailand
Broadcaster Channel V
Selection process Internal Selection
Appearances 8 (6 finals)
Debut EVSC #01
Best result 3rd: EVSC #04
Worst result 11th (in SF): EVSC #07
Flag of Thailand Thailand debuted in the 1st edition of East Vision Song Contest. Channel V has internally selected all the entries in the contest. Thailand has only missed a final. The best place of Thailand so far is the third, in the fourth edition with the girlband Gaia.

Contestants & Results

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Ed. Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of New Zealand Auckland Tata Young "Come Rain Come Shine" 7 83 9 60
#02 Flag of Australia Canberra Christina Chanée "Fallen" 10 64 No semi-finals
#03 Flag of South Korea Seoul Tata Young "Cinderella" 7 89
#04 Flag of China Beijing Gaia "Love Potion" 3 152 4 85
#05 Flag of Taiwan Taipei 3.2.1. "Splash Out" 9 106
'Big 5' Member
#06 Flag of Australia Darwin ICE feat. Namcha "Double Love" 20 46 1 120
#07 Flag of Uzbekistan Tashkent Girl Berry "Featuring"
Failed to qualify
11 92
#08 Flag of Afghanistan Herat Candy Mafia "My Boy" TBA