The Tune Is In Ya (Our Song For NVSC) is an annual music competition in Tunisia, being organized by the broadcaster; Nessma. The competition determinds the representive for Tunisia in the music contest, Northvision Song Contest.

Tunisian way to NVSC 8

The Official Logo for TTIIY.

The Selection Itself

The Selected itself has just a Final, with just five artists each edition competing to represent Tunisia in NVSC.

The voting lines will be opened for two - three weeks. After the voting lines are closed, Nessma will count the votes and later reveal the results.


The Voting System is all 100% International Jury. Every jury has to give 12 points to the entry they like the most, 10 points to their second place, 7 points to the third place, 5 points to the forth place and 2 points to the entry they like the least.

Winners and Results in NVSC

Edition Artist Song Translation Position in North Vision
#08 Nathalie "Vivo sospesa" I live Suspended 17th
#09 Axel Tony ft. Tunisiano "Avec Toi" With You 12th (SF)
#10 Si Lemhaf "We9ef 3al Bellar" TBA 19th (SF)